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Mobile Device Management with Managed IT Services

When making an investment in mobile or wireless technology, it’s important to make sure your devices are going to work and work well. As the number of your IT assets increases, you’ll want to know where they are and whether they’re functioning properly to ensure your getting the most from your investment.

Managed IT ServicesMobile device management should be necessary for all companies. And, it should be done in a way that is both secure and efficient. But keeping track of all your IT assets can become a daunting task for an already overworked IT staff.

If your team is already on overload, ask your IT provider about Managed Services. When it comes to tracking mobile IT assets, a Managed Services Team can log into any of your system’s mobile or wireless devices for remote repairs, support, or scheduled maintenance. In addition to maintenance and support, you can keep track of device locations and operating history. Managing your devices remotely can prevent you from physically sending hardware back to the manufacturer when it’s unnecessary, ultimately saving you time and money.

At RMS Omega, our managed services team utilizes award-winning software programs for managing mobile devices and wireless infrastructure. Our programs allow our team to provide device management to customers who prefer to focus their internal IT resources on daily business needs. With Service Level Agreements for monitoring, alerting, reporting, and issue resolution, we can keep a mobile and wireless ecosystem running smoothly.

Benefits of Avalanche Device Management:

    • Quick and easy implementation – Get up and running right away.
    • Schedule provisions, system updates and reports.
    • RMS help desk and support are available when unexpected issues occur.
    • Comprehensive security is ensured so there is constant monitoring and managing of security protocols and settings.

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