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How Mobile Powered Carts Saved a Company $17k/Month

Mobile Powered Carts by Newcastle Systems have helped logistics and warehousing companies reduce a variety of operational inefficiencies like labeling errors and cumbersome workflows. For logistics and fulfillment services, wasted steps can take a toll on output. Having a workstation at the point of application cuts down on waste and error and even improves productivity by 50%.

Solving Labor Challenges with Mobile-Powered Carts

One global 3PL in the telecom industry was experiencing the same problems many fulfillment centers and warehouses face:

  • Inefficient workflows
  • Excess walking to input data and print shipping labels
  • Errors from batch printing labels
  • Scheduling extra shifts to handle backlogs
  • Stressed and fatigued workers

By adopting a solution of Newcastle mobile workstations, the 3PL achieved some remarkable results and now saves $17,000 a month from reduced labor costs. Click on the link below to view an infographic and learn how!

How a Global 3PL Saved $17K/month