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Mobile Computing

2021 State of Enterprise Mobility Report

The dramatic shift to mobile and remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic created both challenges and opportunities for enterprises. Most prominently, this shift has caused a boost in mobile IT investments among all types of

Rugged Tablets for First Responders

Overcoming Mobile Technology Challenges The ability to respond quickly and reliably with focus, dedication, and precision is essential for our first responders. Why should the devices and technology they depend on be any different? Unfortunately,

Threats Behind Windows End of Support

Tune Into Our Live Webinar On November 13th at 2 PM EST, RMS Omega and AccuSpeechMobile will be hosting an educational webinar on the importance of Android migration and building a winning strategy with Android

Wearable Tech in Logistics

Wearable Tech’s Big Potential There is no doubt that wearable tech has become an increasingly popular market. In fact, consumer spending on wearables is expected to reach $54 billion in 2023. Wearables have gained traction

Introducing the Honeywell CK65

Say Goodbye to Security Threats & Unproductive Time with The Honeywell CK65 It’s important to use a handheld device that will increase your staff’s productivity. Low productivity can be expensive, so why not give your

10 Key Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

How To Solve Enterprise Mobility Challenges It’s hard to deploy and manage mobile devices. It’s easy to feel stuck with what you have while wanting the newest, coolest, most innovative technology. And it’s normal, many

The New VC8300 Vehicle Mount Computer

VC8300: Ultra-Rugged & Ultra Reliable You must be ready to migrate to Android since your Windows-based vehicle mount computers are near their end of life and support for Windows-based mobile devices. Need an ultra-rugged device

Zebra’s MC9300 – Infographic

Meeting Demands of the Economy The next evolution of the world’s best-selling and most trusted Android enterprise mobile computer from Zebra, the MC9300 provides the ultimate Android platform, the ultimate in application support, the ultimate

Mobility Edge – Future-Proof Technology

Mobility Edge is Honeywell’s new platform for all of their mobile computers. Its a unified and dynamic platform design to reduce complexity to build, deploy, manage, and extend the lifecycle of mobile solutions across enterprises

Cold Storage Scanning

Keep Working Without Freezing Up Cold storage, refrigeration units, and freezer units often create challenges for ordinary wireless computers.  The changes in temperature from freezer to loading dock can create condensation which causes computer screens