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Breaking Down the Rugged Enterprise Tablet

Why Consider a Rugged Enterprise Tablet?

The popularity of tablets took off in the middle part of the last decade. Although tablet sales have now tapered off with consumers, they still play a vital role in business. Both inside the four walls and out in the field, rugged enterprise tablets are proving to be a valuable IT asset in many industries such as logistics, construction, warehousing, healthcare, manufacturing, and the public sector. et51-et56 zebra enterprise tablet

Although “rugged” may seem like a buzzword when it comes to enterprise devices, there truly is a difference between rugged and consumer-grade devices. Due to the higher price among rugged tablets, many decision-makers may feel tempted to implement consumer-grade devices into their operation instead. However, a consumer-grade tablet will not be able to handle eventual drops, temperatures, and dust and dirt that rugged enterprise tablets experience. Additionally, rugged devices also provide more advanced computer processing and network connectivity. For instance, Zebra’s ET50 and ET55 provide WiFi connectivity for WLAN environments and LTE connections for workers outside of the network. Overall, investing in enterprise-grade devices results in a lower Total Cost Ownership as they have longer lives than consumer devices and require service far less frequently than consumer-grade options.

What Makes a Tablet Rugged?

“Rugged” isn’t just a keyword for enterprise devices. In fact, there are many standards and ratings a device must go through to labeled as “rugged”. Even minimum enterprise-grade standards don’t compare to standards placed on consumer devices. However, there are many different grades and tests that measure how rugged devices actually are. Learn more about these grades below.

MIL-STD-810G Test Xplore Technologies Rugged Tablets

The comprehensive MIL-STD-810G test measures a device’s ability to hold up through harsh environments. Devices are tested through drops, vibrations, extreme temperature, altitude, wind, rain dust, sand, and humidity. After this series of exhaustive tests, we can determine whether a device is military-grade or not. Another test for devices is the Ingress Protection (IP) test.

IP Test

The IP test determines how well a device’s internal components are sealed from intruding elements such as water, dirt, and dust. The IP rating is broken down into two digits with higher digits representing better protection. The first digit determines the effectiveness of keeping out solid elements. Likewise, the second digit determines the effectiveness of keeping out moisture.

To be considered rugged, a device must have at least an IP54 rating. An IP54 rating ensures that devices are partially protected from dust and 10-minute water splashes from all directions. Most enterprise-grade rugged tablets are IP65 or IP67 rated. So, that assures that devices are completely dustproof and able to withstand low-pressure water from any angle regardless of how many ports they have.

Use Cases for Rugged Enterprise Tablets

A tablet that is rugged and enterprise-grade is not only protected but will have a longer lifespan. They also come equipped with better processing power and wireless connectivity capabilities that best consumer-grade options. However, why consider a tablet over a rugged handheld? The answer is that tablets provide strong connectivity and processing combined with larger displays. With a larger display, users can track and collect complex sets of data much easier than ever before. Users can also simplify work processes by using tablets since tasks can be completed on the spot through user-friendly interfaces. Ultimately, tablets provide secure, reliable and intuitive computing solutions for many different industries:


With tablets, users can access pictures, notes, project management, and document from just one device.


Healthcare tablets allow staff to share images and data with patients at the bedside in addition to updating patient data and records in real-time.

Zebra rugged tablet


Manage all areas in the public sector from construction, surveying,  transportation, utilities, and public safety. Intuitive touch screens and cameras allow government employees to do everything they need while out in the field.


Manage vehicle fleets with real-time electronic communication through real-time delivery logs and vehicle maintenance requests.


Handle fast pace and high volume with rugged tablets capable of fast processing and handling complex data. Users can also pair tablets with cameras for dimensioning of pallets as well as quality assurance for received and shipped goods.

See if Tablets are Right For You

RMS Omega has over 20 years of experience in helping organization bolster their productivity through technology solutions. RMS is also a premier partner with leading enterprise hardware manufacturers like Zebra Technologies. Zebra is a leader in making rugged tablets built for enterprise backed with intuitive Android OS. Explore Zebra’s line of rugged enterprise tablets today and contact us if you’re interested in incorporating rugged tablets in your organization.

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