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Introducing Zebra’s HC20 and HC50 Healthcare Mobile Computers

Zebra HC20 and HC50: All-Purpose Clinician Devices

Consumer-grade phones are often used in healthcare due to their affordability and ease of use. However, they have limitations when it comes to clinician performance, TCO, cleanliness, computing power, and durability. Zebra’s new line of healthcare companion devices, the Zebra HC20 and HC50, deliver all the features that clinicians need, in an ergonomic, competitively-priced, disinfectant-ready smartphone build.

HC50 used during medication administration to hospital patient.

Zebra HC20 and HC50 Device Features Zebra HC20 and HC50 blog preview.

Although Zebra’s HC20 and HC50 devices boast a sleek design, they do not compromise on durability and rugged performance. Engineered with clinicians in mind, these all-purpose patient care devices provide full-shift comfort and function in healthcare environments.

  • Medical Grade Plastics – Minimal crevices and disinfectant-ready plastics make cleaning a breeze and hold up to harsh cleaning agents over time.
  • Thin and Light Build – Contoured surfaces and an ergonomic design.
  • Bright and Responsive Screen – 6-inch high-resolution screen for easy viewing in almost all lighting conditions with a responsive touchscreen that works with medical gloves.
  • Replaceable Batteries – Hot-swappable batteries with PowerPrecision technology for real-time metrics on battery health.
  • Emergency Alert Button – Call for help with one press of the dedicated emergency alert button.

High-Powered Clinician Performance Zebra HC20 and HC50 device gif.

Zebra’s HC20 and HC50 healthcare devices can handle the most process-intense healthcare applications – from remotely monitoring patient vitals, viewing imaging studies, and pulling up detailed patient records. With advanced processing, memory, 16MP camera, and up to 2TB of expandable MicroSD card, Zebra’s dedicated healthcare handhelds are the perfect tool for:

  • Daily provider use – scan barcodes, access patient data, run enterprise software and EHRs, capture images, collaborate with teams, and more.
  • Telehealth – leverage light-speed connectivity and a high-resolution camera for video consultation.
  • Patient check-in – replace paper, consumer tablets, and kiosks with a sanitary and disinfectant-ready option.
  • Remote care – connect seamlessly in the field with 5G data and collaborate with healthcare teams.

Value-Added Integrations

Healthcare worker sitting in front of device storage cabinet in hospital setting.

The HC20 and HC50 not only provide exceptional performance at the point of care, but they integrate seamlessly with other Zebra products for a complete IT solution. Take advantage of these features and accessories to add value and efficiency to clinical workflows.

  • Workstation Connect Cradle – Rapidly connect your Zebra device to a monitor and create an on-demand workstation to visualize, interact with, and present patient data.
  • RFD40 RFID Sled – Snap your device onto an RFID sled to take inventory instantly. Scan hundreds of tagged items in seconds or locate hard-to-find items.
  • Intelligent Cabinets – Combine device storage and charging with secure IT management.

Test Out The Zebra HC20 and HC50

Our team has over 20+ years of working with leading hospitals and health systems to implement data collection solutions that lower costs, improve accuracy, and ultimately deliver better patient care. Contact our team today to learn more and get a demo of Zebra’s dedicated clinician devices.

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HC20 Mobile Computer

Thin & Light Companion Device For Everyday Tasks

Zebra’s thinnest and lightest healthcare mobile device for exceptional delivery of care.

  • 6-inch Full High Definition Display
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Qualcomm 5420 hex-core, 2.1GHz
  • 16MP Rear-facing Camera
  • SE4720 1D/2D Scan Engine

View the HC20 & HC50 Spec Sheet


HC50 Mobile Computer

Premium Features For Today's Healthcare Workers

All of the features of the HC20 with premium add-ons.

  • Wi-Fi 6E
  • Hot Swap Battery
  • 16MP Rear-facing Camera
  • Integrated 1D/2D Scan Engine
  • Qualcomm 5430 hex-core, 2.1GH

View the HC20 & HC50 Spec Sheet


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