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Zebra Intelligent Cabinets For Storing & Managing Healthcare Devices

Hospital Device Management Challenges

Clinician performance and the delivery of care are greatly impacted by having properly working, charged, and functional mobile devices. Healthcare mobile computers, printers, and tablets need to be in working order and accounted for so they can be ready to use around the clock for collecting and retrieving patient data quickly, securely, and accurately. Whether it’s maintaining accurate patient records or connecting quickly to the right caregiver, healthcare workers and facilities can’t afford to have missing, dead, or inoperable IT. As a result, hospital device management becomes a unique challenge for healthcare IT teams managing large mobile fleets while balancing IT security, a constant flow of workers checking devices in/out, and the need for 24/7 reliability.

Healthcare worker sitting in front of device storage cabinet in hospital setting.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets solve common hospital device management challenges by consolidating management, storage, and access to healthcare companion devices. These cabinets are not only storage solutions, but an IT tool for making sure assets are being properly accounted for, charged, and updated for the next shift. Furthermore, they centralize IT fleet management with simultaneous software updates and centralized access control.

Intelligent cabinets are an ideal fit for healthcare organizations looking to prevent:

  • Damaged, stolen, or lost devices.
  • Long wait times for patients to receive care due to IT that isn’t ready for the shift ahead.
  • IT that can’t provide shift-long clinician support.
  • A lack of staff accountability or chain of custody over devices.
  • Inability to execute clinician tasks like specimen collection and medication administration.

A Centralized Device Management SystemHealthcare worker checking out Zebra ET45 tablet for her shift.

Equip each cabinet with Zebra’s Access Management SystemTM (ZAMS) for advanced fleet intelligence, performance, security, and reporting.

By combining Zebra’s cabinets with the ZAMS system, IT teams can enforce device access control and document chain of custody. The ZAM system provides a central pane of glass for device management and access control with features like:

  1.  Locking cradles to control device access to permitted users.
  2.  Centralized charging and storage to push updates.
  3. Dashboard to monitor device performance and battery life.
  4. Customized alerts after device events like check-in/check-out, reported lost, not returned, etc.

Take control over your healthcare mobile IT by getting more information on Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets.

Learn More About Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets - Device Access Management Features

Zebra’s Intelligent Cabinets offer real-time intelligence regarding the use, performance, security, and operability of your mobile device fleet.

  • Real-Time Monitoring & Alerts

    Receive real-time alerts tied to associated users when devices are removed from charging, checked out, checked in, reported lost, or not returned at the end of a shift.

  • Management Dashboard

    Manage, edit, and delete users from a central dashboard where you can view historical data and reports, battery and device health, mark lost devices, and breakdown devices by serial number.

  • Security & Access Control

    Control device access and traceability by bulk importing authorized users, sending alerts for lost devices or those that haven’t been checked in at the end of a shift, and enabling Bluetooth proximity location.

Zebra Intelligent Cabinets

Consolidate, Connect & Sanitize

With Zebra Intelligent Cabinets, you can maximize the long-term performance and lifecycle of each device through effective management, making every device ready for optimum use during every shift without interrupting operations. Helping to accelerate business in warehouse, transportation & logistics, retail and healthcare operations, Zebra Intelligent Cabinets consolidates your Zebra devices and connects them for:

  • Battery Charging
  • Software Updates
  • Health Checks
  • Access Control and Storage
  • And More!

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