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Transform the Way Care is Administered with Zebra Workstation Connect

Combine Mobile & Desktop Clinician Care with Zebra Workstation Connect

Healthcare workers handle a variety of tasks that require additional screen space and capabilities that their mobile handheld devices cannot accommodate. With Zebra Workstation Connect, clinicians can create dynamic on-demand workstations by seamlessly docking their Zebra mobile healthcare device. Once docked, the device can connect with monitors, keyboards, headsets, and other peripherals that make work easier and less cumbersome. In turn, the number of devices and platforms needed for effective patient care can be simplified by combining mobile technology with desktop workstations – improving the delivery of care and lowering hospital IT costs.

Benefits of Deploying Zebra Workstation Connect

With Workstation Connect, nurses get access to all the mobile scanning and data capture capabilities required at the patient’s bedside with the flexibility of switching to desktop mode to update EHRs, view screenings, complete forms, and more.

More Efficient Delivery of Care

Combining mobile healthcare handhelds with Workstation Connect eliminates the need to juggle different technologies and platforms. By executing all tasks from one central device, care can be administered more effectively and efficiently. Nurses and clinicians can switch between mobile and desktop modes to accomplish key tasks like:

  • Accessing & updating EHRs
  • Scanning patient barcodes and medications
  • Completing forms
  • Viewing charts and images
  • Capturing images for proof of condition

Reduced Operating Costs

Using both mobile devices and workstation computers compounds IT costs and management. In fact, hospitals with over 250 beds can spend almost $30 million annually on IT. With a simplified technology stack, healthcare IT teams not only save on initial expenses but also time, energy, and resources spent on managing IT.

Create a Secure & Fully-Connected Workstation

The Zebra Connect Cradles are available for a large selection of Zebra mobile computers and tablets. All Connect Cradles feature HDMI, Ethernet, USB-A ports, and a 3.5mm headset jack. Once your Zebra device is docked in the cradle, users can interact with it as if it were a desktop computer with a keyboard, mouse, monitor, and printer.

Integration with Zebra’s Mobility DNA means that administrators can configure which peripherals can connect to the device. Define accessories by manufacturer, model, serial number, or more, locking workstations from interacting with untrusted or unapproved accessories and peripherals.

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What You Will Need To Create A Workstation

Create an on-demand workstation or POS station in four easy steps.

Zebra Mobile Computer or Tablet

Zebra Workstation Connect requires a compatible Zebra handheld or tablet to serve as the host computer.

Workstation Connect Cradle or Hub

Cradles and hubs turn your Zebra devices into fully-featured workstations, with a variety of different connection types including: HDMI to support a high-resolution external monitor; Ethernet for wired network connectivity; 3.5 mm jack2 for wired headsets to support voice apps and four (4) USB-A ports to connect a keyboard, mouse, printer, scanner and more.

Workstation Connect Software

The Workstation Connect software enables workers to simply dock their Zebra rugged mobile computers and tablets in a Connect Cradle or Connect Hub to create fully-featured workstations and POS stations.

USB Host Manager Software

USB Host Manager software polices the peripherals that are attached to a Connect Cradle or Connect Hub, ensuring that only approved peripherals are connected.

Zebra Workstation Connect

Create An On-demand, Mobile-Driven Workstation.

Workstation Connect eliminates the need to juggle multiple devices and computing platforms for mobile and desktop workflows. Nurses get seamless access to all the capabilities required at the patient’s bedside with the ability to switch to desktop mode to update EHRs, complete discharge forms, and more.

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