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Zebra RFD40 UHF Sled: A Simple & Adaptable Approach to RFID

Speed, accuracy, and efficiency constantly need to be optimized in today’s on-demand world. Zebra’s newest RFID handheld reads tags at an industry-leading rate of 1,300+ tags per second. This allows for rapid inventory counts, cycle counting, order fulfillment, and asset location tracking. More importantly, the RFD40 isn’t another piece of hardware, it’s a sled that integrates with Zebra mobile computers, providing an adaptable and simplified RFID solution. The RFD40 is perfect for warehouses, retail, and healthcare facilities seeking a simple way to implement RFID for streamlined workflows. The sled also integrates with TC21/26, EC50/55, and all other newer Zebra handhelds, as well as Zebra’s free RFID deployment software.

Rugged & High-Performance Reading with RFD40

Not only does Zebra’s RFD40 read 30% faster than the next leading competitor, it also reads tags from 20+ feet and can precisely locate individual items. The snap-on sled also boasts rugged specs with an IP54 rating, handling 5-foot drops to concrete and a 14°F- 122°F temperature range.

Improve Your Workflows with the Zebra RFD40

Zebra’s UHF sled provides an easy way for supply chain and healthcare facilities to introduce RFID into their operations. Implementing the RFD40 sled gives facilities access to an adaptable, high-performance, RFID solution capable of streamlining a variety of workflows.

Supply Chain Workflows

  • Inventory Management
  • Cycle Counting
  • Item Location
  • Returns Processing
  • BOPIS/ Curb-Side Pickup

Healthcare Workflows

  • Specimen Tracking
  • Hospital Asset Tracking
  • Medication Administration
  • Pharmacy Management & Tracking

Overall, Zebra’s RFD40 sled provides a simplified yet powerful approach to reading RFID tagged assets. Furthermore, facilities can rapidly start implementing the technology with little to no integration challenges. Download the product sheet below to learn more!

View Zebra RFD40 Product Sheet