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RFID Technology

How To Navigate GS1 Retail RFID Mandates

Background on Retail RFID Mandates Over the past year, a growing number of retailers have issued RFID tag mandates for their suppliers. The trend comes from Walmart’s 2022 requirement for suppliers to start tagging their products with

Top 4 Benefits of Using a Hospital RFID System

Location, location, location! The saying is not only important for real estate but for healthcare too. Between patients, medicine, and equipment, there is an overwhelming amount of moving parts and locations to monitor throughout healthcare

Top 10 RFID Myths and Misconceptions

More and more businesses are considering an investment in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to help automate their inventory, data capture, and tracking processes. However, despite the proven value it adds to organizations, there is

Location Technology and the Digitized Supply Chain

How COVID–19 Will Shape Future Supply Chains Covid-19’s impact on how business is done will extend far past Zoom calls and virtual conferencing. The global pandemic will forever change how supply networks are structured and operated. Most notably, the pandemic has

RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain

Pain Points for Automotive Suppliers Automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers operate in an industry that is susceptible to rapid demand changes and lack of visibility. Suppliers need to balance the right capacity of parts and

Top 5 Benefits for RFID in the NICU

NICU Overview According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 15 million babies are born prematurely each year and the number appears to be rising. The rise in NICU admissions calls for more modernized and

ASSETracs – RFID Asset Tracking Solution

Asset visibility and management have become more and more important for efficient workflow and productivity. RFID (Radiofrequency Identification) is utilized by asset tracking software. Using RFID, you can read multiple tags at a time and

Asset Tracking Using RFID – 4 Benefits

Track Critical Equipment, Parts & Materials with RFID Tracking assets using RFID makes the process certainly easier, faster, more secure, and more durable. RFID is a much more sophisticated technology compared to barcoding and GPS

Expanding the Use of RFID in School Systems

Many schools use barcode technology to keep track of textbooks, laptop computers, and shared av equipment for their classrooms. In recent years several school systems have also begun to adopt RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.