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ASSETracs – RFID Asset Tracking Solution

Asset visibility and management have become more and more important for efficient workflow and productivity. RFID (Radiofrequency Identification) is utilized by asset tracking software. Using RFID, you can read multiple tags at a time and scan items from a distance at tremendous speed. RFID provides quickness and ease that proves to be valuable for asset protection.

Misplaced equipment can certainly be the main source of frustration. This can result in a delay in operations and a loss of profitability. Organizations are dependent on asset inventory counts but they often underestimate the cost of doing so.

ASSETracs™ is an RFID and barcode-based asset-tracking software package that allows companies of all shapes and sizes to track multiple types of assets across their entire organization. ASSETracs, by RFIDPros, is an application that is adaptable to enterprise asset-tracking software solutions and adds plentiful value.

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Innovative Functions & Benefits

Asset Inventory

The combination of barcode and RFID technology allows users of ASSETracs to inventory assets at the most efficient level. As a result, this eliminates common and expensive issues. Using a handheld computer, the user will receive feedback on missing or misplaced items. This real-time information is very reliable and allows for immediate action and correction of the issue. Therefore this allows the company to maintain the most up-to-date information possible.

Counting & Locating

Using ASSETracs and RFID, companies are able to perform rapid, efficient, wall-to-wall counting and locating. RFID allows the users to scan a mass amount of tags in just seconds, without an aline of sight. Using this technology also allows users to locate assets using a Geiger counter feature, assisting organizations in finding missing assets.

Reporting in Real-Time

ASSETracs certainly offers a wide variety of pre-canned reports which include assets per user, assets per location, assets inventoried within a time period, assets not-found, assets misplaced, and other additional custom options.  Reports can be printed, exported as a CSV file, or recorded in a database.

Dynamic Asset Tracking Software Platform

ASSETracs is the foundation platform for asset tracking. This unique asset-tracking software allows users to add custom requirements that fit their needs best. Whether an organization needs custom fields or integration into other software programs, ASSETracs is able to accommodate. This innovative software also integrates with Fixed RFID readers and portals, which allows for even more visibility as assets are constantly moving from one location to another.

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