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RFID Hardware – Readers, Printers, & Tags

RFID Hardware ZebraRFID (radio frequency identification) is an easy way to capture a large amount of data in a matter of seconds.  It has become extremely popular in everyday life.  For example, RFID is used in access passes, credit cards, and E-Z Passes.  Industries such as warehousing, manufacturing, delivery services, healthcare, and more use RFID for applications that require high-volume operations. RFID hardware usually consists of three components.

RFID Hardware Components

To get started with an RFID system, you will need to evaluate 3 different types of hardware.  Using the right RFID hardware for your operations will ultimately provide the most return on your investment.

  • Readers – RFID readers can be either fixed or handheld.  Fixed readers are attached to a wall, plugged in and always ready to scan while handheld readers are often mobile allowing staff to scan from anywhere in the facility.  All readers will help achieve maximum asset visibility in warehouses, loading docks, and even customer-facing environments. RFID readers can help you achieve maximum visibility of your assets and allow you to read large volumes of tags at one time.
  • Printers / Encoders – RFID printers will digitally encode accurate, complete data into the RFID tag.  Some RFID printers are desktop devices, available for both large and small-scale volumes, while others are mobile or handheld for workers on the go.
  • RFID Labels & Tags – There are many options when it comes to RFID labels & tags.  There are active and passive tags, Gen1, Gen 2, HF, UHF, and more.  To select the right tag, consider your needs for data storage capacity, the environment and elements the tag may be subjected to, the required reading distance, and the volume to be processed at one time.  RFID labels and tags can store up to 100 times more data than barcode labels.

With the right readers, printers, and tags in place, RFID can offer many positive changes to your daily business operations.  Make sure you’re working with the right partner that can provide an end-to-end solution that achieves your business goals.

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