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10 Key Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

How To Solve Enterprise Mobility Challenges

It’s hard to deploy and manage mobile devices. It’s easy to feel stuck with what you have while wanting the newest, coolest, most innovative technology. And it’s normal, many companies stress when it comes to improving enterprise mobility. But don’t worry. If you can relate to any of the challenges below, we may have the answer for you.

10 Common Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

1. Use cases – companies use mobility products in different areas across their organization and for different purposes. And, each product has different needs and preferences.

2. Deployment – it takes too much time and money to certify as well as deploy devices.

3. Adaptability – every team wants to customize preferences and it’s too expensive time-consuming and costly to deploy different setups for everybody.

4. User experience – there are large skill gaps in one company, especially dealing with temporary employees. It isn’t cost-effective to take time to train every short-term employee.

5. Ergonomics – having tough hardware is a bigger priority than comfortable, easy-to-use, and fast hardware.

6. Uptime performance  – employees want to use the same device always. They don’t want to change devices because of the battery.

7. Operating system migration – it’s too costly to move every device over to Android at once. Companies believe it will be easier to make the switch in small steps.

8. Fragmentation – IT staff is dealing with a huge array of operating systems, versions, and form factors.

9. Data security – it’s important to make sure all devices have the latest security patches installed.

10. Lifecycle limits – budget doesn’t accommodate regularly deploying new devices.

Why Do These Challenges Exist?

With all of these challenges, wouldn’t you say that today’s enterprise mobility solutions are falling short? With a large array of devices and apps written for different operating systems, IT departments are spending a large amount of time and money on deployment as well as maintenance and upkeep. This is due to mobile solutions built on separate technology platforms create silo-based provisioning and support. Plus, device fragmentation and disjointed user experience wind up increasing user adoption time and effort when new employees come on board or an employee is assigned new functions.

And as a result, inflexible mobile platforms prevent businesses from keeping pace with rapid changes.

What Is Mobility Edge? And Is It The Solution For You?

The Mobility Edge Platform by Honeywell is a unique, dynamic hardware and software platform that helps companies deliver and manage mobile solutions across their enterprise. And, it allows them to do so faster, with less risk, and at a lower cost.

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