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Introducing Mobility Edge – Infographic

Reduce Complexity & Regain Your Edge With Mobility Edge

Companies are looking for a better way to deploy as well as manage their mobile solutions. There are many challenges out there when it comes to enterprise mobility, and the Mobility Edge Platform may be the solution.

Learn about the 10 key challenges of enterprise mobility. 

mobility edge infographic 2What the Mobility Edge Platform is All About

Mobility Edge isn’t just another piece of hardware – or even software. It’s a mobile technology platform. It helps companies overcome complexity to build and manage as well as deploy mobile solutions across the enterprise. And, it allows users to do this faster, with less risk, and lower costs.

  • Standardized on the Android operating system.
  • Common for all form factors.
  • Designed for rapid and easy app development, testing, provisioning, and deployment management.
  • Secure, with fast access to the latest OS security patches or extended support.
  • Optimized to drive productivity and efficiency of mobile workers.
  • Forward-compatible and future-proof for extended TCO.

Faster, Easier, and More Cost-Effective Deployments

A rapid provisioning suite makes mobile deployments faster and easier, all while spending less! Validate new apps and updates once, then deploy across all form factors, instead of a burdensome process for each different device. Features of Mobility Edge that help accelerate deployments include:

  • Enterprise provisioner
  • Settings editor
  • Staging hub
  • Keypad creator
  • Setup wizard
  • Secure provisioning

Optimize Performance

With Mobility Edge, you can drive device performance for both greater efficiency and employee productivity. Powerful, embedded tools help workers capture data faster as well as communicate easily and securely. Some of those tools include:

  • Scan wedge
  • Voice wedge
  • Enterprise client pack
  • Wireless tether
  • Find my device
  • Zigbee Support

Extending Solution Lifecycle

With enterprise lifecycle tools, you can count on greater reliability and a longer lifecycle, with hardware designed to support more operating system upgrades than any competitive product can promise. Mobility Edge will be supported through Android Q, which is longer than any other platform or device on the market. There are several tools to help with extending the lifecycle including:

  • Battery runtime maximizer
  • Battery hot swap
  • Operational intelligence
  • Self-diagnostics
  • OS support through Android Q
  • Future-proof platform

Are you ready to accelerate deployments, optimize performance, and extend solution lifecycles?

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