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Threats Behind Windows End of Support

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This will be the first of two articles previewing topics from our webinar. Today’s blog will focus on the impending end of support for Windows OS and the security threats it poses.

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What Does Windows End of Support Mean?

On January 1st, 2020, Microsoft is ending support for Windows operating systems. After this date, devices will still operate normally, however, they will not receive support from Windows. This means that enterprise devices will become vulnerable to new viruses and malware. As a result, internal business data and critical customer information could be compromised. Due to end-of-service, Microsoft will also stop providing:

  • Technical support
  • Bug fixes that impact stability and usability
  • Security fixes that protect the server

Security concerns are a huge motivator for companies to switch to Android OS and Windows has urged users to do so. Android OS will not only provide security for critical information but the platform is incredibly user-friendly.

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The choice not to migrate from Windows OS exposes critical business information that could negatively impact business operations. Additionally, a security breach could also leak customer information, damaging their relationship with your company.

Join our webinar to learn about the security risks of staying with Windows and the host of benefits that come with migrating to Android OS. At the webinar, our expert speakers will also share their knowledge and recommendations for how businesses can seamlessly transition from Windows to Android OS and the added value it provides.

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