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The Benefits of Implementing Voice Solutions

Future-Proof Your Fulfillment Operations

On November 13th at 2 PM EST, RMS Omega and AccuSpeechMobile will be hosting an educational webinar on the importance of Android migration and building a winning strategy with Android Mobile and Voice Technology.

Previously, we covered the benefits of Android migration and the associated risks of staying on Windows OS. Today’s blog will focus on how voice technology can be implemented to improve workflows and productivity.

We hope you can join our webinar on November 13th at 2 PM EST. 

Benefits of Voice Interfaces

Voice can easily be added to applications without dramatically changing your entire inventory management system. AccuSpeechMobile integrates sophisticated voice recognition technology and automation intelligence with mobile devices. AccuSpeechMobile can voice-enable a variety of mobile applications, making your workforce more hands-free, accurate and productive. Due to voice interface, companies have seen a 10-40% increase in productivity on average for each enabled application. Furthermore, voice has helped reduce errors and ensure accuracy up to 99.9%. Cabelas and NBG Home have already increased productivity by 20% by implementing a voice interface through AccuSpeechMobile.

Applications for Voice Solutions

Voice-enabling applications have undoubtedly yielded positive results. The ability to increase productivity and lower error has increased its popularity among distribution centers and warehouses. Consequently, businesses have found an array of applications for voice, which include:

  • Warehouse Picking
  • Replenishment
  • Receiving
  • Shipping
  • Fieldwork

Learn More at Our Webinar on November 13th

In summary, voice applications have been shown to be effective at delivering higher productivity and accuracy for logistics operations. Join our webinar to learn about how you can seamlessly voice-enabled applications on enterprise devices. At the webinar, our expert speakers will share their knowledge and recommendations for how businesses can design a winning strategy for distribution centers with mobile and voice technology.

Join us on November 13th at 2 PM EST to learn more about designing a winning strategy for your operation.