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Zone 3 – Mobile Data Collection & RFID

Get resources on Janam's portfolio for mobile data collection & the benefits of RFID technology.

Zone 3 - Mobile RFID Tracking

Empowering workers with reliable data collection at the frontlines of your operations is critical for enterprise-wide efficiency and data accuracy. With powerful automated barcode or RFID data capture, supply chains can execute workflows with improved speed, accuracy, and efficiency. Scroll for more resources on mobile data collection & RFID:

  • Janam Product Datasheets
  • Janam Customer Case Study
  • Featured Activity – RFID Prize Finder
  • Process Integration Industrial Computers & WMS

Get Datasheets on Janam's Featured Products

  • Janam XG Series
    Janam XG Series

    Janam’s XG series provides a scan gun-style mobile computing option for high-volume scanning workflows.

  • Janam HT Series
    Janam HT Series

    The Janam HT series is a slim, ergonomically designed, rugged Android tablet with an 8-inch display.

  • Janam XT Series
    Janam XT Series

    Janam’s XT series features rugged touchscreen mobile computers that combine industry-leading data capture, and smartphone ergonomics.


With JanamConnect’s intelligent carrier switching, Janam’s cellular-capable mobile computers automatically connect to the strongest available carrier signal from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and more than 600 leading wireless networks worldwide.

How This Fleet Services Provider Cut Costs By 20%

With RMS Omega & Janam

To sustain the level of quality and service customers have come to expect, McCarthy Tire needed to modernize its IT operations with a large-scale software implementation to multiple retreading plants, while replacing all of their handheld scanners across the company.

Top 5 Reasons To Use RFID

Key Benefits of RFID in Supply Chain Operations

RFID technology provides multiple inherent advantages over barcodes for automated data capture. See the top ways that RFID makes supply chain operations more efficient, streamlined, and accurate.

  • No line of sight required to collect data.
  • The ability to hold 100 times more data than a barcode.
  • Scalable read ranges with LF, HF, and UHF tags.
  • Faster reading of multiple tags with one scan.
5 reasons to use RFID in the warehouse guide

Featured Game: Mobile RFID Prize Finder

Step up to our prize wheel for a chance to win big! Spin the wheel to get a number, and experience the power of mobile RFID as you use a handheld RFID gun to locate your mystery prize.

Make sure to enter your name into a drawing for a Yeti cooler giveaway!

Industrial Computers by Process Integration

All Softouch models, with the exception of the Softouch PC Enclosure, also include a built-in UPS with battery backup and automatic controlled shutdown on low power to ensure data integrity, even in the face of power failure.