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State of the Art Patient Barcode Scanning from Honeywell

Hospitals are continually challenged to find more efficiencies, collect increasing amounts of patient data, guarantee patient safety, and ensure the confidentiality of electronic records. To help make this happen, everyone in the healthcare system from administrators to front-line nurses recognizes the importance of patient barcode scanning.

RMS Omega can provide state-of-the-art equipment and supplies to guarantee real-time, accurate information for positive patient ID, medication administration, and more.

Honeywell Patient Barcode Scanning Series

We often recommend Honeywell healthcare scanners to improve patient safety and improve productivity at the same time. The newest line of scanners incorporates changes based on feedback from nurses to improve functionality and patient comfort.

Barcode Scanning at Admission

Barcode data tracking begins at admission, when it is critical to link a patient to all his electronic medical records. Honeywell uses high-speed barcode printers and wristbands to create a positive patient ID system. For additional closed-loop verification of information, a scanner with Adaptus technology can be added to read patients’ driver’s licenses and other ID cards.

Patient Barcode Scanning During Treatment

Using the right technology such as barcode scanners from Honeywell can greatly reduce medical errors at the point of care from bedside to treatment rooms. Barcode verification is standard practice for specimen collection and medication administration.

The most popular patient barcode scanner used today is the Honeywell wireless hands-free scanner mounted on the medical cart. Nursing barcode smartphones and handheld mobile computers are also becoming common bedside tools.

Barcode Scanning for Pharmaceutical Management

All medications must be accurately labeled at all times to ensure patient safety. Every individual bottle or package of medications will need its own barcode label. Honeywell offers high-speed compact printers that produce barcode labels on demand, as well as hands-free barcode scanners which can quickly verify medications and prescriptions.

Honeywell has installed tens of thousands of products in medical facilities throughout the world. Users are assured that their innovative patient barcode scanners will help healthcare givers conform to the five rights of patient safety, and deal with the complexities of staff shortages, greater scrutiny, and evolving regulations.

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