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RMS Omega Hardware –Products Designed for the Enterprise

RMS Omega provides a variety of barcode, wireless, and RFID technology equipment for fast and accurate data collection. No matter what your application or industry, our team of data collection experts will work with you to identify the right hardware for the job.

Handheld Mobile Devices

Capturing, viewing, and exchanging data is everything for your frontline workers. Equip your workforce with powerful and responsive enterprise mobile computing that helps them do the job better and faster. TC8000 Handheld Scanning Whether your environment is retail, healthcare, field service, manufacturing, or operations we work with a variety of manufacturers to supply you with devices that are purpose-built for your application.

Barcode Scanners

Achieve rapid data collection with standard, healthcare, or industrial-grade barcode scanners. Depending on your workflow, scanners can be corded or cordless.

Label Printers zd220 mobile printer zebra

Our label printers come in various sizes and are capable of various print volume capabilities.

Mobile Printers

Many workflows require your personnel to print labels and tickets while on the go. RMS Omega offers a variety of lightweight yet durable mobile printers.

RFID rfid work in process

RFID hardware consists of handheld or fixed readers along with antennas, tags, and printers. Our RFID specialists will work with you to identify the right equipment to use for your specific application and environment.

Enterprise Tablets  Xplore Technologies Rugged Tablets

Perfect for the mobile workforce, rugged tablets provide superior connectivity and processing abilities. Tablets are a great tool for viewing information and filling out documentation.

Dimensioning Systems

Bring added intelligence to your shipping workflows. Dimension systems ensure added accuracy, consistency, and productivity.

Signage/ Digital Displays

RMS Omega works with Panasonic to provide interactive and digital signage solutions for sharp and attractive visual displays.

Vehicle Mount Computers

Vehicle-mounted computers or tablets supply forklift drivers with clear information. This ensures accurate, complete, and updated information as products move throughout your facility.

Wearable Computers

Perfect for operations and fast-paced industrial environments, wearable computers give your workforce access to hands-free workflows. Both wearable scanners and computers simplify workflows like packing, picking, shipping, put-away, and unloading.

Wireless Network Infrastructure 

Wireless infrastructure includes the hardware, software, and services that create a reliable and fast network in your facility. Having an optimized network is important for setting up all other hardware devices


RMS Omega is here to help you with anything you need to optimize the use of your enterprise hardware devices. We offer, charging accessories, sleds, mounts, batteries, and more.

Learn more about all of our hardware offerings by selecting a category below!

Please-note our product database is very large. If you are having trouble finding a particular device, please contact us. You can also find support by using our website chat feature or emailing info@rmsomega.com


  • Wireless Network Infrastructure

    All the components that makes up the wireless network infrastructure.

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  • Wearable Computers

    Keep workers' hands and eyes on the task at hand with wearable mobile computers and barcode ring scanners.

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  • Vehicle Mount Computers

    Vehicle mount computers are an integral part of warehouse operations. Product information is accurate, complete and accessible in real time from receiving to storing, moving around, cross docking and picking.

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  • Signage Solutions / Digital Display

    Digital display / signage hardware interact and communicate with your prospects. Use the visual display to present your products and services where-ever there is potential mass human traffic.

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  • RFID

    Radio frequency identification (RFID) is an enabling technology for data capture that does not require line of sight for collection. In this section we'll discuss the RFID equipment components that are used in this wireless data capture solution.

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  • Mobile Printers

    Quickly and easily print barcode labels, receipts, tickets and more, on-site and on-demand.

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  • Label Printers

    RMS Omega provides a wide range of thermal and thermal transfer printers for barcodes, labels, tags, tickets and more. Choose from Desktop, Industrial & Commercial Grade Printers, Mobile Barcode & Receipt Printers and Wristband Printers.

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  • Handheld Mobile Devices

    Capture and exchange business-critical information with mobile computers designed for your work environment.

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  • Enterprise Tablets

    Enterprise Tablets are designed for business applications.

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  • Dimensioning System

    Light, powerful and rugged enough to endure even the most demanding applications, these mobile and wireless data-collection solutions are designed to meet your needs.

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  • Barcode Scanners

    RMS Omega provides a wide range of barcode scanners and imagers with wireless functionality.

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  • Accessories

    Get the most out of your hardware with accessories.

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