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Color Label Printing Solutions

Epson’s ColorWorks solutions increase productivity while reducing the cost of using pre-printed labels. Ideal for high mix label requirements, ColorWorks solutions deliver dependable, commercial inkjet printing with fast-drying, durable color inks.  ColorWorks printing is a one-step way to print colored labels to increase productivity while reducing costs.

ColorWorks printers can be used in several applications including but not limited to:

  • GHS-compliant labeling
  • Fresh food labeling
  • Healthcare label printing

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ColorWorks Label Printers

  • ColorWorks C7500 PrinterColorWorks

    ColorWorks C7500 Label Printer

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    Print fast and in color with the ColorWorks C7500 printer.  This printer is made for high volume printing in the most demanding environments.  Some key features include:

    • Reliable performance
    • Powerful productivity
    • High-sped, on-demand, color printing
    • Durable labels
    • Low cost of labeling
    • Seamless integration
    • Astounding image quality
    • Highly efficient
  • ColorWorks C831 Wide Color Label Printer

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    Epson‘s ColorWorks C831 industrial-strength label printer with tractor feeder is designed to handle the rigors of large-volume printing with fast print speeds, affordable high-capacity ink cartridges and exceptional reliability.  Key features include:

    • Ideal for large labels including large-format drum and chemical labeling
    • Industrial-strength inkjet printer with tractor feeder
    • Fast print speeds of up to 16.5 pages per minute
    • Printable area up to 8.0 x 22″
    • Only inkjet solution that has been BS5609 certified
    • Supports a wide variety of media types and sizes
  • ColorWorks C3500 Color Label Printer

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    Dramatically reduce label costs, increase operational efficiencies, and quickly produce high-quality color labels with Just in Time Color™ printing on Epson’s high-speed ColorWorks C3500 printer.  Key features include:

    • Ideal for high-mix, low-volume applications
    • Compact, robust design for commercial use
    • High print speed of up to 4 inches/second
    • High-quality four-color inkjet printing
    • Individual ink cartridges for efficient use of ink
    • Supports all major label applications
    • Easily adjusts to handle 1.2″ to 4.4′ widths
  • c3400-color-label-printer-3_396x264

    ColorWorks™ C3400 Label Printer

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    Increase productivity, eliminate label waste and significantly reduce the cost of label operations using Epson’s high-speed ColorWorks C3400 inkjet printer with Just in Time Color™ labeling.  Features of the C3400 include:

    • Color-on-demand printing for labels, tickets and wristbands
    • Features Epson’s proven inkjet technology and quality
    • High-speed printing up to 3.7″ per second
    • Easily adjustable to handle 1.2″ to 4.4″ widths
    • Selectable print resolution up to 720 x 360 dpi
    • Automatic Nozzle Checking technology
    • USB 2.0 or Ethernet interfaces