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Successful barcode technology begins with well-designed and professionally printed labels that are readable and scannable for the life of the product in the supply chain. You need label design and printing software that is absolutely accurate and precise to ensure the integrity of your own database and to be industry compliant.

Barcode Design Variables

A barcode is a combination of lines and spaces that captures information about the item to which it is affixed. Depending on your business, you might want to store details about the serial and lot number, expiry date, color, maintenance schedule, vendor or anything else pertinent to your operational processes. When the barcode is scanned, the data is transmitted to a computer for processing into useful information.

The two primary barcode designs are:

  • Linear symbology configured as vertical lines and spaces read from left to right
  • Two dimensional (2D) symbology which organizes the information both vertically and horizontally

It is the information criteria on each barcode symbology that differentiate it from other barcodes and maintains the integrity of the data. You might want to add text and various images to enhance the barcode’s uniqueness.

Barcode Software Considerations

In order to decide what barcode design and printing software is best for your business, you will want to consider:

  • Amount and type of information to be stored on each label
  • Size of labels
  • Simultaneous or sequential printing
  • Design options, either linear or 2D or both
  • Need to format, add images and/or resize text
  • Accommodating compliance requirements
  • Integration with ERP systems such as SAP or Workday
  • Need for passwords, permission requests, electronic signatures and encryption in order to maintain data security
  • Range of data sources such as graphics, barcode scanner or weigh scales
  • Kind of data processing such as serialization or customized script
  • Compatibility with printers and scanners
  • Need to print other labels such as those for shipping or nutritional

If you feel you don’t know enough to discuss the above points, we can help. It doesn’t matter if your business is manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, retail or education, the process is the same. Our barcode technology specialists will spend time with you to identify the real needs of your operations. This knowledgeable professional will review all your business processes, and walk you through the pros and cons of the various label design and printing software options available before making a recommendation.

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