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The usefulness of an automated data collection (ADC) system is often determined by the forms incorporated into the software. Just using a mobile computer is not enough. The actual data you capture through barcodes, RFID and voice systems needs to be presented in a format that supports efficiently tracking assets, real time management of inventory and monitoring employee performance and financial management.

The RMS Omega team can introduce you to mobile software platforms that allow you to design forms exactly the way you need the data presented for your particular business. Whether you operate a warehouse, distribution center, healthcare facility, or any other company that needs to track assets or people, you will quickly see the benefits of such a system:

  • Significant reduction of programming time and effort with access to forms that can be easily customized even by non-technical personnel
  • Resulting solution is a reflection of your unique needs for day-to-day monitoring of operations and strategic management of the business
  • Automated tracking ensures up-to-day, complete, accurate data

An RMS Omega specialist is always available to discuss the challenges of your operations and recommend the best data collection solution. Contact us for more information. 

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