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The StayLinked solution for thin-client wireless terminal emulation is unique in its design and functionality, and has become the standard for next-generation wireless devices manufactured by Motorola, Intermec, Psion Teklogix, LXE, Datalogic, and others.

With StayLinked, all terminal emulation sessions remain on the host computer, with only a thin client installed on the remote wireless device. This thin client communicates with the host-resident StayLinked server to communicate keystrokes and scans to the emulation session and then to your application, and transmits only net changes to the emulation screen back to the wireless device. Network traffic is minimized, and all session data remains securely on the host, safe from intrusion or interruption.

StayLinked terminal emulation software consists of three components:

  • Server software, installed on the Host computer
  • Client software, installed on wireless computers
  •  Administrator software, installed on a Windows-based PC

On a wireless computer, StayLinked thin-client software transmits data (keystrokes, scans, speech-to-text) to the StayLinked Server software via our network-friendly proprietary UDP/IP-based Client2Host™ protocol.

On the Host, the Server software transfers the data to a Host-resident Telnet or SSH session, which interacts with Host-resident business applications. Data is returned from the applications and emulation sessions through the Server back to the wireless computer, which displays changed emulation screens or emits text-to-speech results.

smartte-2016On any network-connected PC, the StayLinked Administrator control console is used to configure remote device behavior; to set data manipulation rules; to manage Host-resident emulation sessions, and for system diagnostics.

StayLinked is licensed at the Server (via the Administrator) on a concurrent user basis; the thin-client device software may be installed on a no-charge basis on as many wireless devices as desired. Device Management software is available under a separate license (licensed per device).

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    StayLinked Terminal Emulation

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    StayLinked Terminal Emulation was built from the ground up for wireless environments. Telnet/SSH emulation sessions remain on the Host, where IT (Information Technology) belongs—safe and secure from harsh wireless environments. StayLinked thin client software residing on wireless remote devices sends data entered on each device to the Host, where it is used by the Host-resident application. The resulting emulation screen change is then returned from the Host to the remote device. In essence, workers “remote control” the applications instead of having “fat apps” distributed throughout the enterprise. It just makes sense.