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Move Mobile Devices to Android in 4 Easy Steps

Device Modernization – It’s simple with Velocity and RMS Omega.

With Velocity powered by Wavelink, you can bring your existing telnet apps to Android starting in their existing “green screen” form, and then optimize, modernize, and voice-enable these apps in four easy steps.

Velocity is an industrial browser platform that allows organizations to:

  • streamline warehouse operations
  • increase workers’ productivity and accuracy
  • reduce on-boarding time

Check out this brief overview video to learn more:

RMS Omega Professional Services provides our customers with rapid configuration of Velocity TE Modernization, focusing on the specific requirements for each customer to provide a foundational mobility enterprise application system that follows industry standards and best practices. We deliver the quickest return on investment by fully providing the customer with a Velocity TE Modernized setup. This setup can be applied towards other supported enterprise mobility devices in the environment, though slight modifications may be required to accommodate various factors. To achieve even greater productivity to your Android deployment, RMS also provides voice-enabling for your Velocity application with Speakeasy.

As legacy mobile operating systems approach end of support, Android is looking more and more like the operating system for your next-generation mobile computers. Android is a complete platform change for your business, so speed-to-user-acceptance is key. Your workers have time to adjust to new hardware, then gain a fully modernized user experience and workflows optimized to streamline their tasks. Improve your perfect order rate and deliver to customers faster—all while minimizing the risk of operational disruptions to your business.

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Product Capabilities

Improve worker productivity

When you bring the familiar, multi-touch experience of today’s personal devices into the mission-critical apps that drive your business, you accelerate task-screen navigation and enable your workforce to enter data more quickly and accurately.

Pick the best mobile device for your workers
Have a preferred device form or brand? No problem. Velocity is available for Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices—many with unique technology access, thanks to close collaboration with device manufacturers.
Protect your investment in your web or host systems
Velocity can interface to your existing warehouse management system (WMS) or other supply chain management systems, without the need to migrate or modify the host application.
Take full advantage of today’s mobile-device displays
Text-based host apps become intuitive, easy-to-navigate touchscreen experiences.
Raise productivity with an optimized mobile experience
Powerful scripting and reformatting capabilities enable you to automate data parsing and customize workflows.
Keep workers on-task
Security controls ensure workers remain in productivity apps—and out of trouble.
Stay connected and prevent data loss
Our Session Persistence Server (formerly ConnectPro) prevents dropped telnet connections where network performance is questionable.
No middleware necessary
No complexity (or cost) between your mobile apps and your host system.

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