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Automating Your Field Force: Functionality

Functionality in the Field

In previous white papers in this series, we’ve discussed how to decide whether or not to automate your field force, how to choose between rugged and consumer-grade devices, and how to select the best mobile form factors for your deployment. Your workforce functionality in the field is boosted when you deeply an automation strategy.

To conclude the series, take a look at six key questions you need to answer in order to conclude the decision-making process.  mobile computers automate field service work making you more functional in the field

Look for the optimal choice in the following six areas as you finalize plans for your deployment:

  1. Operating System
  2. Connectivity
  3. Carry Solution
  4. Docking Solution
  5. Battery/Charger
  6. Printer/Other Peripherals

Take a look at the previous 3 sections of this 4 part white paper series!

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