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Automating Your Field Force: Form Factor

Choosing the Right Form Factor for Your Field ForceHoneywell Dolphin

Once you’ve concluded that a rugged device is a better fit for your mobile deployment than a consumer-grade device, it’s time to choose the right form factor to fit your needs, whether a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. The key to doing so is to strike the right balance to support all required functionality.

The first step as an enterprise is to evaluate all business processes on a task-by-task basis to understand how your workers do their jobs on a daily basis. It is critical to also insure that your workers provide direct feedback as part of this process.

Consider, for example, a police officer who needs a rugged device in their squad car – they’ll likely need a rugged laptop with a full keyboard, larger than the one available on most handhelds, in order to be able to type out extended reports while on the move.

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