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Automating Your Field Force: Consumer vs. Rugged

Consumer vs. Rugged DevicesHoneywell Dolphin

As you consider a mobile deployment, you might be considering consumer vs. rugged devices. Although you may assume that consumer-grade mobile devices will more than meet your needs – but regardless of where your field workers spend the majority of their time, there are several reasons to give rugged handhelds, tablets, and notebooks a second look. Rugged devices are the right choice for a wide variety of use cases from extreme weather to combat zone.

Field workers visiting multiple job sites each day will cause gradual wear and tear on any device from normal use and the demands of travel, causing the device to need costly repair or replacement. Simply tossing consumer-grade devices in and out of pockets and onto the seats of a vehicle is enough to cause gradual breakdowns of the sensitive technology inside. Rugged and Enterprise-grade devices are built to handle the abuse that comes with any work environment.

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