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Burris Logistics Case Study

How A Cold Storage Provider Kept Operations Running Smoothly While Demand Heated Up

Burris Logistics, a family-owned cold storage, and distribution company is no stranger to embracing changes in consumer behavior. Over the past few years, Burris has scaled their operations throughout 14 East Coast and Midwest facilities to support direct-to-consumer food delivery services. The cold chain logistics provider not only had the foresight to provide their services to this growing market, but they knew they needed to revamp their IT to align with their business goals.

In order to better support its growing customer base, Burris committed to investing in a more modern and reliable enterprise mobile computing solution. Running their older mobile handhelds continued to accrue countless repair costs and operational downtime, and more importantly, it would impact the time it took to fulfill customer orders. Furthermore, these devices wouldn’t be able to properly encrypt sensitive enterprise data on the new wireless network they were implementing. Burris was quick to act on future-proofing their IT in the warehouse so they could enhance operations and provide the best service possible for their customers who were dealing with high levels of demand.

Partnering with RMS Omega, Burris Logistics was able to improve upon the exceptional service they provide with a faster, rugged, and more reliable mobile technology solution. As a result, they reduced downtime, improved picking speeds, protected enterprise data, and ultimately provided better customer experiences for the food delivery services they support.


Modernized Mobility

Replace legacy devices with modern handhelds to eliminate downtime from device crashing and reduce costs from constant repairs and support. Additionally, by modernizing operations with
current devices, enterprise data will be properly encrypted, improving data security for Burris and its customers.

Boost Productivity

Implement wearable scanners and newer terminals like the Honeywell CK65 mobile computer and VM1A vehicle mount with software for voice-enabled workflows, improving order-picking speed, efficiency, and accuracy.

Cold Chain Compatible Tech

Empower warehouse workers with the right technology for the job. Modern devices that are cold-storage compatible provide rugged, long-lasting performance in refrigerated and
frozen environments. By using faster, compatible hardware with specialty labels for frozen products, Burris Logistics can improve productivity and keep orders flowing out the dock doors and to the customer’s doorstep.

The Results

After implementing modernized cold storage mobile computing devices, Burris Logistics achieved greater enterprise data security, reliable IT performance with less downtime, and fast and accurate food delivery for its customers.


After investing in a new wireless network and upgrading to current, cold-storage compatible devices, Burris Logistics was able to improve its business operations – eliminating downtime, securing enterprise data, and improving end-user performance with faster, more accurate picks.

By working with RMS Omega as their trusted technology solutions provider, Burris Logistics implemented a modern mobile computing solution that improved the speed and delivery of their services. As a result, orders were sent out accurately and on time during a period of high demand for direct-to-consumer food delivery services.

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