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New Partnership Announcement: RMS Omega and Xemelgo

Bringing the Factory Floor
To Your Fingertips

RMS Omega is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with Xemelgo, an innovative RFID software provider with a robust background in manufacturing. In collaboration with the team at Xemelgo, we are excited to expand our offering of comprehensive real-time tracking and identification solutions.

Our strategic partnership provides expanded software offerings for more well-rounded RFID, barcode, and sensor-based data collection solutions for:

  • Work In Process Tracking
  • Inventory Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Shipment Tracking

Together, RMS and Xemelgo are helping enterprises achieve new levels of visibility, real-time monitoring, and intelligent reporting over assets, inventory, shipments, and work orders in manufacturing and industrial supply chain operations. We are enthusiastic about leveraging each other’s capabilities to better serve businesses of all sizes aiming to improve productivity, optimize accuracy, reduce operating costs and meet emerging compliance demands.

Please get in touch with us or click here to learn more about accurate and efficient tracking solutions from the teams at RMS Omega and Xemelgo.

RMS Omega and Xemelgo partnership announcement graphic.

About Xemelgo

Xemelgo is revolutionizing manufacturing, supply chain, and retail operations with their suite of real-time visibility software solutions powered by IoT technology. Founded in 2018, Xemelgo offers a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions that empowers companies to optimize their operations, enhance productivity, and drive sustainable growth. From raw material to finished goods and beyond, Xemelgo makes it easier than ever to manage Work-in-Process, Inventory, Assets, Shipments, and more from any web or mobile device.

About RMS Omega

RMS Omega Technologies works with organizations of all sizes to design, deploy, manage, and service RFID, RTLS, barcode, wireless, and mobile data collection solutions throughout the United States and Canada. Our team of specialists has extensive experience developing strategic applications for healthcare, manufacturing, the supply chain, and field service industries. We follow a targeted approach to technology implementation with the mission of providing complete solutions that combine data collection hardware, software, supplies, services, and support to achieve your unique business goals.

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