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Xemelgo Software Applications

Xemelgo software applications offer mobile-first tracking apps designed to bring your operations complete end-to-end visibility.

Xemelgo Software Applications: Mobile Tracking Solutions

Bring The Factory Floor To Your Fingertips

Xemelgo software applications offer flexible mobile-first tracking for several key business processes, including work in progress, asset tracking, inventory management, and shipment tracking. This Industry 4.0 software suite equips enterprises with real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts to prevent costly downtime in production from inventory shortages, shipping delays, or missing assets.

Furthermore, Xemelgo software solutions are easy to deploy and designed to work with barcode, RFID, and active locationing systems to bring complete end-to-end visibility solutions to your enterprise. With software designed to enhance tracking at every stage of your operations, Xemelgo offers a best-in-class monitoring and locationing system. By deploying Xemelgo’s software solutions, your organization can:

  • Save time with real-time data when and where you need it – Running to a desk or fixed location wastes time viewing important information. Xemelgo’s software solutions enable real-time access to important data from anywhere on your mobile device or laptop.
  • Reduce costs by eliminating operational disruptions – Conduct on the fly inventory audits and gain higher visibility over all input costs with real-time operational data.
  • Consistently meet customer expectations – Predict production bottlenecks, monitor work-in-process towards deadlines, and products are delivered on time to the customer.
  • Gain operational visibility without disruptions – RFID and IoT integrations allow effortless tracking without stopping operations to scan barcodes.
  • See almost immediate benefits – Mobile apps are deployed and fully functional in a few hours, not months. Begin tracking important steps of your operation and increase visibility almost immediately.
  • Use simple apps to add value to your existing systems – Integrate mobile apps into existing operations and workflow systems to avoid operational disruptions while still gaining greater visibility.

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Explore the Xemelgo Software Suite

Work In Progress TrackingXemelgo software applications screen grab. Work-in progress example.

Obtain complete visibility of your production process and work orders. Xemelgo Work-In-Process Tracking provides real-time location monitoring and alerts – helping you avoid delays, identify bottlenecks, and dynamically adjust schedules to meet deadlines. Xemelgo’s solutions enable your organization to deliver on time, every time.

With Xemelgo’s Work In Progress Tracking app, you’ll be able to:

  • Visual your factory floor – Live dashboard maps provide next-level visibility of the manufacturing floor.
  • Locate orders – Quickly locate orders and eliminate time spent hunting down open jobs live locations and mobile “search-and-find”.
  • Maximize delivery times – Use automated alerts, smart rules, and live queues to prioritize workloads and stay ahead of schedule.
  • Optimize Productivity – Bypass manual data entry and sorting with automated data collection and reporting.

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Inventory Management

Xemelgo software applications screen grab. Inventory management example.

Optimize inventory levels and prevent shortfalls with minimal effort. Xemelgo leverages the data in your RFID inventory system to trigger intelligent stock replenishment alerts and identifies consumption patterns.

Xemelgo’s app helps you manage your inventory with astonishing ease and unprecedented accuracy.

  • Perform audits with no downtime – Audit thousands of tagged items in seconds to streamline inventory records with unmatched speed and accuracy.
  • Keep supply ahead of demand – Prevent insufficient inventory with intelligent alert systems and automatic re-ordering systems that identify low stock levels and expired materials.
  • Eliminate downtime – Reduce the time spent tracking down inventory with real-time maps and mobile tracking.

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Asset Tracking

Xemelgo software applications screen grab. Asset tracking example.

Whether it’s expiration, calibration, or simply a misplaced item, too often production assets are the cause of production interruptions. With Xemelgo’s Asset Tracking solution, you can monitor and locate any asset or tool from a simple mobile app to keep production going or to address compliance requirements.

Xemelgo’s Asset Tracking solution allows you to monitor your assets and keep production flowing without stopping to locate missing assets.

  • Locate assets in seconds – There are a lot of places for assets and tools to get lost in most facilities. Receive real-time asset alerts when they leave designated areas.
  • Mitigate audit risks – Manage asset maintenance and calibration schedules, and set up notifications for important dates so you never miss scheduled maintenance.
  • Real-time asset location – Pinpoint asset location with sensor-based tracking. Call off searches in record time.

View Asset Tracking PDF

Shipment Tracking

Xemelgo software applications screen grab. Shipment tracking example.

Bring the transparency of modern-day shipment tracking to your business. Shipments moving between your facilities can create blind spots in your manufacturing process that result in unnecessary delays. With Xemelgo Shipment Tracking, real-time monitoring and intelligent alerts ensure you can address anomalies before they grow into problems.

Eliminate the stress of missing or incomplete shipments with:

  • Real-time delivery confirmations-  Track shipment status internally along your supply chain the same way external packages are tracked.
  • Discover incomplete shipments quickly – Missing items are identified quickly as RFID technology scans the incoming shipment and identifies what arrived successfully and notifications are sent to the app. Avoid incomplete deliveries with departure and destination quantity confirmation.
  • Get immediate alerts for fast resolution – Recieve notifications when a shipment is no longer headed to it’s intended destination. Quickly get things back on track without long and costly disruptions.
  • Consistently meet delivery schedule – Track shipments in real-time to ensure that schedules aren’t missed.

What Goes Into An RFID System

Our RFID solutions use the right mix of tags, readers, software, and services to tackle your specific challenges.

  • Tags & Supplies

    Tags, labels, and inlays are the fundamental building block of any RFID solution. Between passive or active, a range of frequencies, label specsand environmental conditions there is a lot to evaluate when finding the right label.

  • Handheld Readers

    Gun-style, rugged handheld readers and good for read-intensive tasks in the warehouse and other industrial environments where a large quantity of tag data needs to be collected in a timeefficient manner.

  • Antennas

    Antennas provide the vital link between the fixed reader and tag, serving as the conduit that moves data back and forth. 

  • RFID Portals in Warehouse
    Fixed Readers & Portals

    With fixed RFID readers and checkpoints, you can quickly and accurately track large volumes of RFID-tagged cases, pallets, and items. They are ideal for use in high-density tag environments, high throughput applications, and on RF-challenging materials.

  • Printers & Encoders

    RFID printers give you the ability to identify, track, manage, and optimize, assets and inventory. Encoding (or printing) on RFID tags is the first step to having a successful RFID system.

  • RFID Software

    RMS Omega has partnerships with a variety of software vendors, allowing us to find the right inventory control or check-in/ check-out software for your application. RFID software provides a central database for monitoring inventory levels, location, and movement.

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