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Rugged Warehouse Scanner: SF61

Warehouses need durable, rugged technology that can maximize worker productivity and increase accuracy.  The technology used in the warehouse will determine whether or not you meet those goals.  Having a reliable warehouse scanner means your employees will have the ability to capture data in real-time at the point of transaction.

At RMS Omega, we recommend your warehouse scanners are rugged. They need to withstand drops and tumbles and be protected against moisture and dust.  It is important that scanners used in warehouses are rugged because if they break and are unusable you’ll experience downtime, leading to lower productivity and efficiency rates as well as unhappy, frustrated employees.

A Unique Warehouse Scanner: The SF61 Rugged 2D Mobility Scanner

Honeywell’s SF61 Rugged 1D/2D Pocket Scanner is not your traditional warehouse scanner.  It is very compact so it can be quickly accessed or securely stowed away as needed.  The SF61 may be small but can still do anything a traditional scanner can do.  Because of its size, the SF61 can be easily stored when working with machines. The battery can also last well beyond a full shift even in scan-intensive applications.  The batteries are replaceable so the devices can be used during every shift.  Some important features include:

  • Compact form factor and innovative quick disconnect system which enables rapid, on-demand scanning.
  • Includes the industry’s fastest 2D imaging technology for snappy, omnidirectional scanning.
  • Bluetooth wireless easily pairs with iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile devices.
  • Tested to withstand 26 drops to concrete from 6.5 feet and rated IP65 for protection from liquid and dust ingress.
  • Capable of over 25,000 scans on a single battery charge.

There are an array of accessories for the SF61.  Accessories include belt clips and holders for maximum mobility.

Other Industries

In addition to the warehouse, the SF61 warehouse scanner can be used in other environments.  It can be a tool for workers on the go.  Its long battery life and its compact form factor make the SF61 ideal for workers on the move.

The SF61 is also available in healthcare plastics.  Automatic data capture is essential for patient safety and a pocket scanner is a perfect solution.

Download the datasheet.