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Supply Chain

2021 State of Enterprise Mobility Report

The dramatic shift to mobile and remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic created both challenges and opportunities for enterprises. Most prominently, this shift has caused a boost in mobile IT investments among all types of

Location Technology and the Digitized Supply Chain

How COVID–19 Will Shape Future Supply Chains Covid-19’s impact on how business is done will extend far past Zoom calls and virtual conferencing. The global pandemic will forever change how supply networks are structured and operated. Most notably, the pandemic has

RFID in the Automotive Supply Chain

Pain Points for Automotive Suppliers Automotive manufacturers and parts suppliers operate in an industry that is susceptible to rapid demand changes and lack of visibility. Suppliers need to balance the right capacity of parts and

Wearable Tech in Logistics

Wearable Tech’s Big Potential There is no doubt that wearable tech has become an increasingly popular market. In fact, consumer spending on wearables is expected to reach $54 billion in 2023. Wearables have gained traction

Newest Analytic Solution: Zebra VisibilityIQ™ Foresight

Proofing for the Future Using Today’s Data Zebra Technologies released their newest analytical solution, the VisibilityIQ™ Foresight. Its the next generation, intelligent, and data-driven analytics solution for business-critical mobility. Likewise, this new, innovative solution allows

Cold Storage Scanning

Keep Working Without Freezing Up Cold storage, refrigeration units, and freezer units often create challenges for ordinary wireless computers.  The changes in temperature from freezer to loading dock can create condensation which causes computer screens

Direct Thermal Printing Can Be the Best Choice

When is Direct Thermal Printing the Best Choice  Most organizations, institutions and businesses use thermal printers for label printing. These printers are ideal for printing barcode labels with high quality, accurate images. Companies have the

Warehouse Scanning Equipment

Optimizing Warehouse Scanning Scanning in the warehouse is essential.  Each process needs different warehouse scanning equipment, make sure you choose the right ones! In warehouses and distribution centers, you can maximize inventory throughput, increase productivity,

Warehouse Barcode Scanner

All warehouses are not the same.  And neither are scanners. Make sure you are selecting your technology with purpose. Choose the warehouse barcode scanner that works best for the specific application it will be used

Rugged Warehouse Scanner: SF61

Warehouses need durable, rugged technology that can maximize worker productivity and increase accuracy.  The technology used in the warehouse will determine whether or not you meet those goals.  Having a reliable warehouse scanner means your

Thermal Barcode Printers by Zebra Technologies

There are many types of thermal barcode printers.  Different types of printers are meant to be used for different applications based on their strengths.  Zebra Technologies offers a variety of thermal barcode printers designed to survive in

Warehouse Scanners by Honeywell

What do warehouses and distribution centers have in common?  They all rely on accurate information for inventory, employee productivity, order accuracy, and shipping time.  An effective barcoding solution will streamline supply chain operations – to