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Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer in Industrial Environments

Thermal Transfer PrintingThere are two types of thermal printing: thermal transfer and direct thermal.  A thermal transfer barcode printer uses ribbon.  The printer uses controlled heat to melt a coating of the ribbon to transfer wax or resin to the media.  Direct thermal printing, on the other hand, applies controlled heat directly to the media which turns dark where the heat was applied.

In most scenarios, thermal transfer printing is the recommended printing method because the media is more durable and has a longer lasting output. However there are certain applications, especially when printing sensitive information, where a thermal transfer barcode printer may not be the best option. When you use a thermal transfer barcode printer, the ribbon is a secondary record.

Xi4 thermal transfer barcode printerIn industrial environments such as warehouses, manufacturers, and distribution centers, we recommend using a high performance thermal transfer barcode printer.  There are many advantages of using thermal transfer printing.  Thermal transfer printing provides high image quality, creates durable labels and tags, and media can survive temperature extremes, ultraviolet exposure, chemicals, sterilization, and more.

Xi4 Series Thermal Transfer Barcode Printer by Zebra

Zebra’s Xi4 series of printers will help you achieve new levels of high performance with increased productivity, flexibility, and improved ROI with its fast print and connections speeds.  These printers are built for high volume applications and harsh environments.

The Xi4 series printers are fast, dependable, and durable which makes them perfect for industrial environments.  It’s loaded with features and options that make the printers easy to set up, easy to integrate, and easy to use.  Some features and benefits include:Zebra Xi Industrial Printer Series from RMS a zebra authorized service provider

  • Printer setup and configuration is now click-simple.
  • Printer auto-configuration.
  • Design and create customized menus.
  • Monitor supply levels proactively.
  • Streamline your printing process.
  • Deploy, manage, and monitor your printers from a single PC screen anywhere on your global network.

Download the datasheet.

Supplies for Thermal Transfer Barcode Printers

supplies_labels_circuit_board_color_largeLabels and tags are used in thermal transfer printing.  The more information  you know about your environment, the easier it will be to find the right labels and tags for your application.  There are so many types of labels and tags.

  • Cold storage labels
  • FDA compliant labels
  • Reflective labels
  • Cover up labels
  • More! 

Thermal transfer ribbon is also needed for thermal transfer printing.  Some ribbon options include:

  • General purpose waxZPerform_ribbon_plain_medium
  • Resin enhanced wax
  • Premium resin/wax
  • Prime mark
  • Premium resin
  • More!

If you need help choosing the supplies to best suit your needs, use our Zebra Supplies Selector Tool.

For more information on any thermal transfer barcode printer or supplies please contact us.