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Warehouse Scanning Equipment

Optimizing Warehouse Scanning

Scanning in the warehouse is essential.  Each process needs different warehouse scanning equipment, make sure you choose the right ones!

In warehouses and distribution centers, you can maximize inventory throughput, increase productivity, and improve accuracy by using the right warehouse scanning equipment. These devices will be rugged to withstand the harsh warehouse environment.  They will also support real-time data capture at the point of transaction to ensure accuracy.

Honeywell has a large variety of devices built for warehouses and distribution centers.  Their warehouse scanning equipment is built for applications such as receiving, replenishment & put away, selection & picking, packing & shipping, inventory control, and more.

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Warehouse Scanning Equipment for Different Applications


The receiving process is essential for any warehouse or distribution center.  All other workflows depend on the accuracy of the receiving process.  So, accurate data entry is crucial at this phase to prevent costly cascading errors.  You’ll need warehouse scanning equipment that can connect in real-time, can withstand high-volume scanning, and can read barcodes that are damaged or difficult to read.

Industrial scanners are a good option for receiving. Granit scanners are built for industrial environments, so they are extremely rugged.  They can scan virtually all 1D and 2D barcodes from 6 inches to 50 feet away.  They are perfect for high-volume scanning, which is one reason they are a great fit for receiving.

Replenishment & Put Away

A pallet’s initial location will influence all proceeding processes.  A WMS system can help with that, but only if it’s running on the right equipment.  You’ll need warehouse scanning equipment to accurately confirm the transaction by rapidly scanning a location label.

Scanners in this application also need to be built for industrial environments with fast scanning capability, unmatched motion tolerance (up to 500 inches per second), and support for omnidirectional scanning.  It can operate in hot and cold temperatures and withstand constant forklift vibrations.  These devices also usually have a comfortable grip to maximize operator efficiency.

Selection & Picking Scan gun mobile computer

Picking is the most labor-intensive process in warehouses and distribution centers.  Selection and picking need to be a fast and accurate process.  You’ll need warehouse scanning equipment that can eliminate causes of inefficiencies.

Rugged mobile and wearable devices are very helpful in the picking process. You’ll want to have a high IP rating and drop specification with the optimal combination of performance and usability to meet the needs of the user and the demands of a warehouse or distribution center environment.  Contact us for more information on selecting a rugged mobile device or wearable device.

Packing & Shipping

Packing stations and pallet-building areas require speed and precision to complete and ship orders.  In packing and shipping operations, warehouse scanning equipment must be responsive, accurate, and ergonomic so employees see the tools as essential rather than an annoyance.

The Xenon 1900 series industrial scanners by Honeywell work well in packing & shipping.  The Xenon 1900 features a custom image sensor that is optimized for barcode scanning that offers industry-leading performance and reliability needed in shipping operations.

Inventory Control

Inventory control operations throughout warehouses and distribution centers are vital to the accuracy of overall inventory.  Use the right warehouse scanning equipment to conduct inventory in real-time, eliminating costly efforts and errors that you may have with periodic manual counts that are conducted via time-consuming paper and data-entry processes.

We recommend using the CK series by Honeywell for inventory control.  These devices are ultra-rugged mobile computers that feature quick and accurate scanning.  It gives employees access to real-time data and has a rapid response time.

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