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Warehouse Management Solutions

Manufacturers, distributor and third party logistics companies all rely on the timely and accurate information regarding inventory levels, increased employee productivity, improved order accuracy, reduced order processing time and order to ship time. Warehouse barcoding solutions streamline the supply chain operations improving overall productivity and profits.

Cold Storage

Warehouse HandheldCold Storage Terminal Hand Held Computer Extreme fluctuations in temperatures create challenges to ordinary wireless computers. The changes in temperature from freezer to loading dock can create condensation which causes computer screens to fog up, keyboards to seize up and internal parts to corrode. RMS Omega offers wireless freezer computers and terminals to handle the extremes of cold storage.
Download a white paper: The Cold Hard Facts About Using Mobile Computers in Cold Storage Environments


Manufacturing operations range from Work-in- Progress, Order Picking and Staging, Receiving, Product Labeling and Shipping. RMS Omega carries a full line of manufacturing product solutions such as fixed mount and handheld computers, industrial printers and inventory control software.

Warehouse Distribution

Timely and accurate information is the key to minimizing costly inventory investments. With mobile computing solutions you will be able to track in real time, reducing order processing and ship time, as well as improving order accuracy, reducing inventory levels and increasing employee productivity.

Other Services Available

RMS Omega carries a full line of direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels and ribbons for all your shipping and product labeling. We carry warehouse signage for aisle, shelf and pallet marking.

Featured Solution Components

  • Foxfire WMS Software Partner

    Warehouse Management Software

    FoxFire WMS systems provide immediate real time information to floor-level employees, supervisors, and upper-level management so they may efficiently operate their facility and meet delivery and production goals at lower costs. All Foxfire WMS systems interface with client information systems like ERP and MRP, and material handling equipment (MHE) technologies to provide more timely and accurate information. RMS Omega works with Foxfire to provide the latest in mobile computing, barcoding, and RFID technology in warehouse and distribution centers.

    Learn more about Warehouse Management Software.

    • Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are integral parts of the supply chain, controlling the movement and storage of materials and inventory while posting asset accounting transactions in real-time, thus increasing inventory accuracy (99%).
    • WMS provides significant reduction in order fulfillment cost and reduction in chargebacks.
    • WMS utilizes Auto ID and Data Capture — including barcode scanners, mobile computers, wireless LANs, and RFID technology to efficiently monitor the flow of inventory.
    • WMS provides users with stem-to-stern operational control over corporate logistic, with near absolute accuracy, greatly enhances the ability to ship on-time while complying with required electronic shipment notifications (ASN, EDI, TMS).
    • Easy to learn and simple to use Windows applications with Graphical User Interfaces puts WMS into mainstream operations of the DC with minimal training and installation time.

    Software as a Service (SAAS)

    Foxfire’s warehouse management software is available as a service via the internet for one monthly fee. Deployment of a new warehouse management solution typically requires upfront investments including WMS software licenses, annual support contracts, and professional services to set up and integrate with other key business systems. Other investments required include the technical infrastructure for the servers and the real-time wireless network required to run the WMS system in the warehouse.

  • 70 series RFID handheld readers

    Industrial Handheld Mobile Computers

    Intermec’s rugged handheld computers are built for the task at hand, combining the advantage of consumer PDAs and high-end industrial mobile computers into a single rugged package. Like PDAs, these devicess are small and lightweight, yet they provide targeted functionality, a tactical keypad, and enhanced connectivity (including industry standard 802.11x, Cisco® compatibility, and Bluetooth®). Combining the latest Microsoft® Windows® operating system technology, device management software, and superior industrial design and ruggedness means that Intermec handhelds are easy to deploy, use, and support for a small business or an enterprise.

  • wearable scanner

    Wearable Mobile Computers

    Knowing that having both hands free for many warehouse applications is ideal, Honeywell offers a comprehensive line of “hands-free” wearable data collection computers. With Honeywell’s hands-free/wearable computers, operators gain unsurpassed freedom of movement to perform barcode reading tasks quickly, safely and comfortably.  Honeywell’s hands-free and wearable computers are certified by most industry-leading voice software applications.

  • Datamax RL4 Warehouse
  • RFID Intermec devices

    RFID Technology

    There are three main components to RFID tracking solutions:

    • Printers which digitally encode accurate, complete data in the RFID tag; either desk top or handheld to be at point-of-application
    • RFID tags or labels that are available with many options such as Gen1 or Gen2, HF or UHF, depending on what you need for storage capacity, substances in environment, reading distance and volume to be processed at one time
    • Readers that can be fixed or handheld, depending on flexibility needed for volume, configuration or storage facility, density of data images and visibility in the field; some devices can also read barcode images
  • Wireless Network Design

    Wireless Infrastructure

    Easily secured and holistically managed, our wireless Local Area Network, outdoor wireless network and wireless security solutions build on each other and work together.

    Learn more about wireless access points, controllers, switches, and operating systems for industrial environments.

  • Genuine Printing Supplies

    Labels & Printing Supplies

    Using the right labels, tags and printing supplies is just the first step to reliable and accurate barcode scanning and printing. Make sure your selecting the right supplies for your environment.

    "Everyone has been very helpful in getting our barcode readers in house and implementing our inventory tracking system. Bryan Hooper has been the point person on this and his help has been invaluable and much appreciated. Thanks."Daniel, IT Manager at PDQ Industries