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SOTI XSight Demo – Diagnostic Device Intelligence & Support Software

Quick troubleshooting and remote support are critical when your mobile IT goes down. But what if you could proactively prevent device downtime before the issue arises? While traditional mobile device management (MDM) software allows seamless management and remote support, SOTI XSight provides the added value of data-driven insight and IT diagnostics. To learn more about XSight and all it offers for device management, we sat down with SOTI experts Stephan Fomenka and Mehrdad Mehrbod. In this SOTI XSight demo and Q&A recording, you will learn about:

  • Key Features of SOTI XSight
  • Product Use Cases
  • How To Leverage XSight

SOTI XSight Product Demo and Q&A

Key Features of SOTI XSight

XSight supplements SOTI Mobicontrol MDM by providing diagnostic device intelligence that reduces operating costs and downtime. In addition to automated device monitoring, the platform also offers comprehensive troubleshooting and incident response features with remote access and intuitive ticketing and support. As a result of XSights’ real-time IT visibility and support functionality you can:

  • Pull device performance metrics.
  • Prevent critical IT issues before they arise.
  • Improve ROI and utilization.
  • Run remote support for field workers.
  • Create custom metrics and alerts.
  • Document support calls and issue resolution.

Use Cases

There are many aspects to mobile IT management that go unseen. Battery health, app usage, and cellular coverage all impact mobile performance and can add to the TCO of your IT when they aren’t kept in check. Fortunately, XSight enables you to proactively:

  • Plan battery replacements for the right number of devices.
  • Identify which apps are consuming the most data.
  • Pinpoint weak coverage areas.
  • Ensure devices won’t fail while out on the job.

By achieving real-time visibility and monitoring, businesses can improve mobile performance while lowering the costly issues and investments that come with enterprise IT.

How To Leverage SOTI XSight To Lower TCO & Boost ROI

XSight can gather all sorts of data about devices, giving you total visibility over your enterprise IT. XSight’s intuitive analytics dashboard allows you to aggregate data for your entire mobile fleet or just one single device-analyzing metrics for battery health, data usage, heat map coverage, device performance, and critical incidents like drops that may potentially damage the device.

IT teams can then use this data to drive smarter investments, optimize mobile performance, and eliminate potential crashes. As a result of Xsight’s added visibility, enterprises can lower their device TCO and avoid unnecessary costs from technology replacements and operational downtime.

Learn More About SOTI XSight

We Provide A Complete Device Management Solution

Our premier partner status with SOTI and other manufacturers, and our commitment to excellence, allow us to provide you with a complete and comprehensive solution. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer!

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  • Repair & Support

    Offering comprehensive maintenance solutions tailored to meet your needs, our Service Care programs range from time and material to service contracts, on-site service and depot repairs.

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