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Deliver Critical Goods with the Right Supply Chain Technology

Reliable Supply Chain Technology For Frontline Workers

Has your supply chain technology been enough to respond to rapid boosts in demand while battling shortages and lack of visibility?

For over 20 years, RMS Omega and Zebra Technologies have helped supply chains implement strategic data collection technologies so they can reach new levels of accuracy, visibility, and productivity. RMS Omega stands behind vital supply chains with technology that helps optimize operations today and prepares for the enterprise challenges of tomorrow.

Learn how we can tackle your biggest challenges together. Schedule a Virtual Executive Briefing, where we’ll go over a tailored technology roadmap for making your processes more automated and efficient.

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Go Zebra Device Trade-In Program

How well your front line performs depends largely on the technology they are using. Go from lagging legacies to leading-edge solutions and save money in the process with Zebra’s trade-in program. By purchasing one of Zebra’s eligible products and trading in an old unit, you can earn a rebate of $50 to $600. When upgrading printers you can save even more by purchasing a OneCare service contract.

Certified Refurbished Devices

upgrade supply chain technology with the go zebra trade in program

If you’re not quite ready to upgrade, Zebra Certified Refurbished devices can help you continue to run operations smoothly with the tools you need. Each device is reset and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure functionality.

  • Fully Tested
  • Full Device Functionality
  • Includes a New Battery
  • Comes with a 90-day Warranty

Learn More About Device Trade-In

Hands-Free & Eyes-Free Picking with Zebra Wearables

wearbale device in the supply chain

Wearables are an effective solution for shortening training time, increasing worker output, and practically eliminating errors. Zebra’s heads-up displays allow workers to keep their eyes on the task at hand while putting the right information in front of them when they need it. The HUD overlays information from a Zebra host mobile computer, eliminating additional equipment and weight that can burden warehouse pickers. Workflows are simplified further with the addition of voice automation software. The combination of vision, voice, and scanning creates a heads-up and hands-free workflow that can assure faster picking operations with far fewer errors.

Learn More About Voice & Vision Assisted Workflows

Real-Time Tracking with RFID & RTLS rfid supply chain technology

RFID solutions provide up-to-the-second inventory levels, enabling faster inventory turns and less stagnant stock. Get real-time visibility over pallets, boxes, or even single units and gather location data specific to warehouse aisles, shelves, and shelf-level locations.

When working with RMS Omega and Zebra, you can access industry-leading RFID hardware, software, supplies, and tailored services.

Learn More About RFID Data Collection

Our Supply Chain Solutions

  • Inventory Management

    Make asset and inventory management easier with tailored data collection solutions that improve visibility and data accuracy.

    Learn More :Inventory Management
  • Device Modernization

    Out-dated devices are holding your operation back. Upgrade telnet apps and legacy mobile computing to modern, secure & intuitive Android OS.

    Learn More :Device Modernization
  • Location Tracking & Visibility

    The location of your most important assets and inventory is critical information. A technological tracking solution provides you with the most accurate location information on all items that are tagged and scanned.

    Learn More :Location Tracking & Visibility
  • Device Management

    Securely manage, deploy, and troubleshoot enterprise devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

    Learn More :Device Management
  • Labeling Compliance & Supplies Management

    RMS Omega's custom supplies and services ensure that you never run out of essential consumables.

    Learn More :Labeling Compliance & Supplies Management
  • Voice Automation

    Warehouses and distribution centers use voice automation to increase safety, optimize fulfillment, and eliminate picking errors and inefficiencies.

    Learn More :Voice Automation

See How Your Warehouse Operations Stack Up


The Warehouse Maturity Model is a five-phased framework that outlines how to overcome key industry challenges through different technology solutions – beginning with basic barcode data entry and accelerating to real-time data and intelligent automation.

RMS Omega Technologies has been helping warehouses and distribution centers modernize over the last 20+ years with strategic barcode, RFID, RTLS, wireless, and mobile technology. Not only do we lend industry expertise, but a complete solution with hardware, software, supplies, and support.

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