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RMS Omega is a SOTI Partner.

RMS Omega & SOTI

RMS Omega and SOTI partner to provide industry-leading enterprise device management (EDM) solutions that simplify deployment, security, and troubleshooting.

All of SOTI’s software products can be leveraged to reduce TCO, IT complexity, and downtime related to business-critical mobile operations. This allows enterprises to break down silos that obstruct visibility, integrate their mobile IT fleet, and leverage device data to make smarter decisions.

Explore SOTI Products

SOTI One – The SOTI One platform connects all aspects of your business-critical mobile operations: app development, device deployment, troubleshooting, and management, diagnostic intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT) management, and community support.

SOTI MobiControl – SOTI MobiControl is an Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution that empowers companies to securely manage their mobile deployments with any device, any form factor, and any operating system.

SOTI XSight – Unlike other MDM solutions, XSight proactively monitors and analyzes the core vitals of mobile technology performance. The software provides real-time visibility and visual dashboards for battery health, apps and data usage, cellar coverage, and more.

SOTI Connect – offers complete lifecycle management for industrial and mobile printers. Connect centrally manages printers from a single pane of glass, no matter which vendor.