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The Top 5 Reasons for Using RFID in the Warehouse

RFID (radio frequency identification) is an efficient way to transfer data and track items.  An RFID system is composed of tags or labels, printers, and readers (handheld or fixed).  RFID is becoming more and more popular in many industries for a variety of applications.  You may wonder, why is RFID becoming so popular in warehouses?  What are the benefits?  What can RFID do that a standard barcode system cannot?

Here are the top 5 reasons why RFID should be used in warehouses:motorola fixed RFID readers

1. Tags do not have to be seen in order to read data. This means that tracking products or people can happen from anywhere in a specified range which maximizes speed and efficiency.

2. RFID tags can store up to 100 times the data of barcodes, allowing you to keep track of all the data you need for your inventory such as lot and serial number, size, manufacturer, vendor, expiration date, user, location on production line and anything else you might want to know.

3. Readers can read up to 200 tags at once. This will increase speed and productivity since employees will not need to physically scan each label.

4. The position of each tag is flexible (as long as they are not blocked by metal or water) since the tag doesn’t need to be physically seen by the reader. For example, you can place tags in boxes or within a pallet.

5. RFID technology is functional inside and outside the warehouse. The technology has the capacity to withstand harsh environments and temperatures, even the tags!

Featured Products

There are many RFID products out there to choose from.  Here are a few we often recommend:

Handheld RFID Reader

The MC9190-Z RFID Reader is a high-performance, highly rugged RFID handheld reader designed for industrial environments.  It delivers best-in-class RFID read range and accuracy in an ergonomic, integrated RFID and barcode device.

Motorola RFID Handheld

Fixed RFID Reader

The FX7500 Fixed RFID Reader introduces advanced RFID radio technology designed for faster read rates, more accurate data capture and more consistent performance even in challenging business environments.

Fixed RFID Reader

RFID Printer

The ZT400 Series RFID printer is loaded with advanced features and connectivity options, these printer/encoders accurately and efficiently produce labels for all your mid- to high-volume item-level tracking applications.ZT410 industrial zebara printer


“Smart labels” go beyond simple tag functionality by combining human-readable information and bar code technology with RFID. A smart label consists of an adhesive label that is embedded with an ultra-thin RFID tag “inlay” (which is a tag—IC plus antenna—mounted on a substrate). Smart labels combine the read range and unattended processing capability of RFID with the convenience and flexibility of on-demand label printing.RFID Label


Learn more about the different components in an RFID solution or contact us for more information.