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Warehouse Scanners by Honeywell

Honeywell Barcode ScannersWhat do warehouses and distribution centers have in common?  They all rely on accurate information for inventory, employee productivity, order accuracy, and shipping time.  An effective barcoding solution will streamline supply chain operations – to be effective, make sure you have the right devices in use.  There are a countless number of options for warehouse scanners, make sure you choose the best one for your industrial environment.

In warehouses and distribution centers, it is key to maximize inventory throughput, increase productivity, and improve accuracy.  It is easy to achieve those goals with real-time data capture and ruggedized devices. Along with your labels and printers, you need to make sure you choose the best scanner for your application.  When selecting your warehouse scanners, you’ll want a scanner that’s fast, accurate, and reliable.  Honeywell’s warehouse scanners take scanning to a whole new level.  They allow for:

  • Faster read times
  • Excellent motion tolerance
  • Longer read distances
  • Performance in all lighting conditions

fork truck scanning in the warehouseIn addition to being rugged and reliable, Honeywell’s industrial warehouse scanners  are designed for scanning high volumes of barcodes in fast-paced settings. These warehouse scanners are available in different options for reading barcodes that are near as well as long range. They are available in cordless and corded versions and can be easily attached to your forklift computers and workstations. Honeywell’s industrial grade warehouse scanners are encased in water and dust proof housings and are also rubberized to reduce damage from falls or tumbles to concrete.

Below, you’ll find a few of our recommended warehouse scanners.
For help selecting the right warehouse scanner for your operation, please contact us! There are many to choose from and our staff of data collection experts are happy to assist you with pricing and recommendations that will meet your business needs.

Recommended Warehouse Scanners

Honeywell 3800i Warehouse Scanners3800i Industrial-Grade Linear-Imaging Scanner

Honeywell’s 3800i industrial scanner is built for demanding and rough conditions.  With its durable and rugged design, the laser image scanner has an impact absorbing housing as well as shock resisting technology.  It can perform at extremely low temperatures and can work in cold storage units as well as outdoors.  Some key features of the 3800i industrial scanner include:

  • Industrial-grade durability
  • Environmentally sealed
  • Performs in extreme low temperatures
  • Extended read range

Download the datasheet.

Granit™ 1280i Industrial-Grade Full Range Laser ScannerHoneywell Granit 1280i Warehouse Scanners

Honeywell’s Granit™ 1280i industrial-grade laser scanner can read barcodes at both far distances and close ones.  They can read all linear barcodes across a wide depth-of-field and supports maximum worker productivity. The scanner has industrial strength ruggedness.  Some key features and benefits include:

  • Full range linear depth of field
  • Industrial grade cable option
  • Optimized for scanning-intensive industrial applications
  • Class-leading durability
  • Outstanding scan performance on poor quality and damaged barcodes

Download the datasheet.

Granit™ 1910i Industrial-Grade Area-Imaging ScannerHoneywell Granit 1910i Warehouse Scanners

Honeywell’s Granit™ 1910i industrial-grade area-imaging scanner is designed to withstand the demands that exist in harsh working environments.  The ruggedized scanner features a custom built housing has a IP65 rating: it’s able to survive 5,000 3.3 ft tumbles and 50 6.5 ft drops which means minimal device downtime.  The Granit 1910i also works well in cold environments.  Here are some additional features and benefits of the Granit™ 1910i:

  • Class-leading durability
  • Optimized for scanning-intensive industrial applications
  • Outstanding scan performance on poor quality and damaged barcodes
  • Extended linear depth of field

Download the datasheet.

For more information about Honeywell warehouse scanners, contact us!