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hx2_app05_lowLooking for barcode, RFID, mobile and wireless technology solutions for your warehouse?

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For over two decades RMS Omega’s dedicated professionals have designed, deployed, managed and serviced data collection and tracking technology systems for US companies, warehouses and distributions centers of all sizes and in every industry.  As a result, our client’s business operations are far more efficient, saving time, money, rework, stress, and keeping them one step ahead of their competition.

We can provide you with the same outstanding results by offering practical, one-stop solutions from industry experts. We partner with the greatest hardware, software, and supply manufacturers to design the best solution, tailored to meet your company’s individual needs from beginning to end.

Why Work with RMS Omega?

Many companies have found success working with RMS Omega when implementing a barcode scanning or RFID tracking solution.  Here is what you’ll get from working with us:

  • Rugged Handheld Scanners for warehousingOne point of contact: When working with RMS Omega, you will work with a dedicated account manager. Our team of expert’s average over 20 years of barcoding, RFID, wireless and mobile computing experience.  Your account manager is your one point of contact.  So, there’s no need to have a separate contact for hardware, software, and services, just call us!
  • Competitive pricing and fast service: RMS Omega partners with the best of the best for hardware, software, and supplies. Due to our solid relationships, we can provide the best pricing and support for your project. We are also authorized to service and repair devices for many of our vendors, giving you faster turnaround time when someone inevitably runs over a device with a forklift.
  • The total solution: You get all the components of your technology solution from one place – RMS Omega. From hardware and software to service and accessories, custom parts or configurations, you can have it all.

RMS Omega – Scanner Partner of the Year!

To get the best, most personalized barcode and RFID tracking solution, you can see there are many benefits of working with RMS Omega over our online competition.

rms omega vs online competition


Honeywell Sensing and Productivity Solutions recognized RMS Omega as Scanner Partner of the Year in 2015! We’re excited that we’re able to maintain such a good relationship with our vendors in order to bring you the best technology at the most competitive prices.

Read more about RMS Omega’s Platinum Level Partnership with Honeywell!

Hardware, Software, and Support – Finding the Right Combinationhoneywell wearable computer

Warehousing technology solutions can be used in many industries such as manufacturing, distribution, third-party logistics, and other businesses that rely on timely and accurate information.  Whether you need to keep track of inventory levels, employee productivity, order accuracy, order processing, or order ship time, RMS Omega can help. And, with the right combination of hardware, software, and support, you will be able to streamline your supply chain operations.

We understand that timely and accurate information is the key to minimizing costly investments.  That’s why we will find the best solution to allow you to track your valuable data and business processes in real time.

Are you ready to find the right combination of hardware, software, and support? Give us a call!

Warehousing Technology Solutions Hardware

Using the right hardware for data collection in the warehouse is essential.  However, there are many different types of hardware that can be used in industrial environments including:

  • Barcode Scanners
  • Industrial Handheld Mobile Computers & Tablets
  • Wearable Mobile Computers
  • Vehicle-mounted computers
  • Industrial Label Printers
  • RFID Technology – Readers, Portals, Antennas, & Tags

Learn more about hardware designed for use in the warehouse.

Barcode Scanners & Imagers

Barcode scanners allow for quick and accurate data collection in many environments including the warehouse.  RMS Omega and Honeywell can provide you with high-performance image and laser-based handheld barcode scanners. Barcode scanners and imagers can take your scanning and data collection to the next level, providing drastic improvement in areas such as:barcode scanning solutions

  • Faster reading time
  • Excellent motion tolerance
  • Longer reading distances
  • Performance in all types of lighting conditions

Barcode scanners, such as the Granit Series scanners, are built with true industrial strength and ruggedness.  They are resistant to water and dust and can withstand drops and tumbles onto concrete.

Learn more about a variety barcode scanners and imagers!

Industrial Handheld Mobile Computers

Industrial mobile computers are light, powerful, and rugged enough to endure the most demanding environments and applications. We know how important real-time communication and information is to your supply chain, and industrial handheld mobile computers can provide just that.  Not only are industrial mobile computers rugged, they’re also lightweight, user-friendly, and available with multiple operating systems to best suit your business.  Also, mobile computers are dependable with a longer life than consumer smartphones, promising a rapid return on investment.

Dolphin mobile computers by Honeywell will deliver everything you’re looking for in a technology investment.  They will increase employee productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.

Discover the benefits of using industrial handheld mobile computers as part of warehousing technology solutions.

Wearable Mobile Computerswarehousing technology solutions wearable computer

Using wearable mobile computers as part of your warehouse technology solution will increase both safety and productivity.  Since warehouse staff won’t need their hands to operate mobile devices, they have two hands for tasks such as small parts picking, large package handling, sortation, truck loading, and more!

The architecture of wearable mobile computers also allows users to enter commands with their voice, so the user doesn’t have to look at the device while walking the warehouse floor. As a result, user safety increases. Accessories for wearable mobile computers include a headset and ring scanner, which the operator can control with their fingers.

Learn more about wearable mobile computers.

Industrial Label Printers

Another essential part of warehouse technology solutions hardware is industrial label printers.  These printers can print in virtually any warehouse application whether they’re economical low-volume needs or rugged, industrial-strength printing and applicators.  They’re durable and reliable and offer other features such as:

  • Intermec printersError-proof labeling
  • Programmability
  • Advanced networking connectivity and security
  • RFID and linear-less technology

Find the best label printer for your needs.


RFID technology is a great tracking solution in industrial environments because it will ensure fast and accurate access to real-time data, helping to efficiently manage inventory and assets.  There are 3 main hardware components of an RFID system including:

  • Tags – they can store up to 100 times the data of barcodes and can be passive, active or a combination of the two
  • Printers & Encoders – they can be desktop or mobile and print on a range of different types of tags
  • Readers – these are either fixed portals, antennas, or handheld to read a specific location, pallet, item, and around doorways, zones, shelves, and more.

There are many benefits of using RFID technology as part of warehousing technology solutions. RFID is a great way to track inventory in warehouses.  You don’t need a line of site to scan RFID tags.  And, one reader can read 1000’s of tags at a time.  This means, for example, if your warehouse is receiving a truckload of pallets and each pallet has 10 items that each have their own RFID tag, just point your reader towards the pallet to read and account for all of the items instantly. Some additional benefits of RFID include:RFID Intermec devices

  • Accuracy and speed of data capture and transmission, no matter what the industrial environment
  • Accurate, real-time inventory counts result in eliminating stock shortages and oversupply and preventing theft
  • Increased consistent productivity
  • Automated process means reduced opportunity for human intervention and error
  • Information for performance management and quality control

Learn more about the features of RFID!

Warehouse Management Software

Warehouse management software (WMS) is an important part of tracking and managing your warehousing operations. And using the right hardware and infrastructure will provide you with immediate, real-time information and communication to your WMS.  We understand that your floor-level employees, supervisors, and upper-level management need to communicate with each other in order to meet delivery and production goals at the lowest possible cost.  Use WMS software with new or existing mobile computers, barcoding, and RFID solutions.

We want to make sure you have accurate real-time access to your current inventory, including how much you have of each item, exactly where it is in your storage system, and even the condition it is in. If you’re still using a pen and paper inventory system in your warehouse, you’ll quickly discover that even a basic computerized barcode technology system has many advantages, such as:

  • Increased productivity with automated inventory tracking
  • No overstocking or shortages
  • Easier to find items for shipping, selling or service calls
  • Easy to do physical counts and cycle counts
  • Accurate, up to date, complete data for planning and performance management

Learn more about what a WMS system can do for your warehouse!

Exclusive Professional Services for Warehouses

At RMS Omega, we offer a broad range of professional services to our customers to assist in reaching new levels of productivity, efficiency, and accuracy.  We have several options when it comes to professional services, ranging from deployment and wireless services to device management and support.  Some of our most popular services include:

  • Wireless analysis & optimization – if your handheld devices are not working properly, you may have an issue with your wireless connection.  Analysis & optimization (A&O) will give you better coverage in just 3 steps: discovery, analysis, and lastly, optimization. During the discovery phase, our radio frequency engineers collect information about your facility and existing wireless system. Taking in all the environmental factors, they identify the best possible solution for your workspace and provide detailed reporting. Finally, the identified solution is implemented by our expert wireless engineers.
  • Device staging & configuration – have your devices configured and ready to work right out of the box!  We will unpack and inspect each unit, ensure batteries are fully charged, and install all of your software on each unit.  You won’t have to worry about software installation, charging the devices, or device configuration, it just works!
  • Authorized barcode repair services – we want all of your devices to work in order to help your warehouse reach new levels of productivity.  RMS Omega is certified by many of our manufacturers to provide repairs in the case that your device suddenly and unexpectedly fails.  On top of that, we make sure all of our technicians are up to date on the newest devices as well as manufacturer training to provide you with the best support available.

And, for an overview of our professional services, watch a short video!

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