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What you Need to Know About Zebra’s Managed Services – OVS & AVS

Wireless Networks for WarehousesZebra Technologies recently released 2 new services to provide better visibility into your supply chain and effectively manage your devices.  Managed services will enable you to maximize the benefits of your mobility investment.  Read on to learn how Zebra’s new Operational Visibility Service (OVS) and Asset Visibility Service (AVS) can provide all the data you need to maximize productivity, operational performance, and mobile device value.

Zebra’s Managed Services: 6 Things you Should Know

1. With both OVS and AVS you will be able to view where your devices are, how they are performing, if they’re being fully utilized, if they’re properly configured, if they have a fully charged battery, and how operational processes are performing.  You will also have the ability to pull detailed reports and metrics based on a variety of criteria.

2. These managed services are built on Zebra’s Asset Visibility Platform, which is a cloud-based management and integration platform.  You will be able to access managed services anywhere and anytime, enabling timely decision-making to improve and optimize business performance.

3. OVS allows you to gain the control and insight you need to drive business performance.  It provides the location, condition, health, and usage pattern of your mobile environment including your mobile computing devices and Link-OS network-enabled printers.  OVS is designed for environments where there are more than 250 devices.

OVS - Zebra

4. OVS comes with a subscription to SOTI. If you aren’t already familiar, SOTI is a leading mobile device management (MDM) software application that delivers choice and simplicity to the device management landscape and provides unified management of Zebra’s mobile computer product line as well as their printers.

5. If you already have SOTI, there is OVS Connect which will use “connection software” that is able to access data from your existing SOTI software and send it to the Asset Visibility Platform for reporting.  That way, you can receive the full benefits of OVS while protecting your current MDM investment.

6.  AVS is designed to increase device availability for Zebra’s mobile computers and printers.  It offers insight into device health, utilization, and performance in environments, resulting in increased employee productivity and operational efficiency.  AVS is ideal for companies that need valuable business-critical data about device health and usage but do not need the more expensive two-way remote management capabilities of an MDM tool.

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