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Barcode Labels Out in the Cold? Think Cold Storage Labels!

The Cold Storage & Distribution industry can be a demanding environment. Work flow must be kept up at all times and all the while operating in environments from 40 degrees to sub-zero temperatures. By moving in and out of the cold all day, it’s crucial to have labels that you can depend on to overcome the cold environment challenges your company faces.

A few things to consider when purchasing a cold storage label:

  • Where you will be applying the labels
  • What surface you are applying the label to
  • The temperature(s) they will be subjected to

Cold storage labels have a freezer or deep freeze adhesive. These adhesives are designed for businesses that are labeling items in cold storage, refrigerator, or freezer environments. The labels can be used in any low temperature environment; some even have the ability to withstand – 320° F!

Cold storage labels are a thermal transfer polypropylene label with a cold-temp permanent acrylic adhesive offering low temperature performance. The material is designed to resist moisture that often occurs from repeated freeze and thaw cycles. The labels are durable and adhere well to plastic as well as cardboard storage boxes. Any product you choose should be pre-tested in the end-use conditions to insure that it meets the requirements for your specific application.

Questions about your cold storage environment? Contact RMS Omega to help determine which label is right for you.

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