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Make a Difference by E-Recycling Enterprise Devices

Eliminate Waste by E-Recycling Your Enterprise Devices

Around 50 million tons of electronics, or e-waste, are discarded every year across the world. What is even more detrimental is that only about 20% of electronics are recycled. Electronics, whether they are enterprise or consumer-grade, are composed of many valuable, reusable materials like glass, plastic, and metals like copper, tin, aluminum, titanium, silver, or gold. Failing to re-use these materials causes greater strain on natural resources, along with increased pollution and landfill waste. Proper E-recycling of enterprise devices alone can have a significant impact on improving the e-waste problem. However, before you get started recycling your devices, it is imperative to know the right way to do so. Improper disposal of electronics often means they are dumped into landfills, hacked for data, or incorrectly recycled, producing hazardous results.

The e-recycling process consists of three different phases. First is the collection and transportation of e-waste. After that, devices go through various processes to separate and sort valuable, reusable parts. Lastly, the reusable raw materials are resold and distributed for the production of new products. Consumers of electronics must go through the proper, certified channels for the collection of e-waste so that the following steps are completed in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.


E-Recycling Your Enterprise Devices with Zebra Technologies

Generally speaking, most manufacturers will have guides on how to recycle their devices properly. Therefore, they are an excellent resource if you are unsure where to start. For example, our partner, Zebra Technologies, has several programs in place for devices that have reached end-of-life. Zebra provides no-hassle recycling and buy-back services for older devices. These programs not only cover Zebra devices, but older legacy devices such as Psion, Symbol, Motorola, and Xplore.

Zebra E-Recycling Program

Through their recycling service, Zebra will dispose of any of their affiliated mobile computers free of charge. However, there are some specifications with the program, including:

  • A minimum of 25 devices per recycling request
  • The program is only limited to mobile computers
  • The offer does not extend to batteries and accessories

It is also important to note that you should clear all data off your devices before recycling them or enrolling in a buy-back program. Clearing your data applies to all manufacturers and recycling methods. It is important to make sure you protect your personal and business data!

If you own equipment that doesn’t fall under the program guidelines, don’t worry, there are plenty of resources available for recycling batteries as well as other Zebra devices.

Learn more about recycling old batteries from devices

View recycling information for all of Zebra’s products 

Zebra Buy-Back Program Zebra buy back program

All technology has an inevitable lifespan. Many organizations have devices they no longer use and eventually need to upgrade to more innovative and faster technology. Zebra’s buy-back program allows organizations to return qualifying devices in exchange for a monetary offer. Regardless of whether they are eligible for the buy-back program, companies can rest assured their devices are disposed of properly through secure and environmentally responsible practices. If you are using older devices on Windows OS, now would be a perfect time to take advantage of this program. As of January 1st, 2020, Windows OS is no longer supported on enterprise devices. If you are using an outdated operating system, your critical data is at risk.

Learn more about switching from Windows to Android OS

Submit a Zebra Recycling Form or Buy-Back Request

Other E-Recycling Alternatives

If you are looking to recycle non-Zebra, or even consumer devices, there are many other credible organizations you can turn to. The following are recognized e-recycling associations that abide by responsible and sustainable practices:

Responsible Practices for the Future of Technology

Whether we are using technology to facilitate the operations of large enterprises or using personal devices, we are all ultimately, consumers. As consumers, we must also take it upon ourselves to be stewards for the future of technology. Practicing e-recycling is one way individual users and businesses alike can be environmentally conscience and encourage a positive change. By re-using valuable metals and materials, we can work to reduce pollution, excessive mining for materials, and landfills occupied by e-waste. These efforts all starts with knowing the right channels for e-recycling devices. If you have old or unused devices, please consider recycling them through their respective manufacturer or using third party organizations like the ones listed above. By supporting responsible practices, we can ensure a brighter future for technology and the world around us.

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