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Improve Healthcare Delivery with Zebra Technology Hospital Printers

Lab tech labeling a blood sampleHospital administrators and other healthcare professionals depend on accurate, reliable printers to produce wristbands, labels, and documents that affect the quality of patient care. Hospital printers from Zebra Technologies provide state-of-the-art printers to support every area of healthcare in a hospital.

Zebra printer hospital applications are designed to help streamline the supply chain process, lower overall health costs, enhance clinical performance, and generally improve the delivery of care. Choose Zebra printers to produce labels to capture patient data, track patients, verify ID, label bloodwork and specimens, track medications, and control access to patient information and test or treatment orders.

Zebra label printer products include:

  • Patient I.D. Wristband Solution makes wristband printing easy and cost-effective
  • Mobile printers, including the QLn Series with the latest technology to improve operations throughout the facility, the P4T Mobile printer for printing durable labels and documents wherever they are needed
  • Desktop Printers including the GK420 and ZT200

Hospital Printing Applications

Zebra mobile applications enhance patient care, ensuring that decisions are based on accurate patient information. Zebra printers can quickly produce wristbands, labels, and tags that allow access to a patient’s records and history directly from the patient’s bedside.

Use Zebra printer hospital applications to streamline workflows, asset tracking, and inventory management and reduce human error. Ensure patient safety with positive patient ID. Use Zebra wristband labels for three-way checks on the patient wristband, specimen order, and specimen label container.

Versatile Zebra mobile hospital printers can be used right at the bedside to produce specimen labels that carry tracking data to the lab and then to the physician for interpreting the results. The labels from these printers also support monitoring and control of the levels of supplies, equipment, and other materials needed for patient care. Be sure to check out Zebra Technology hospital printers when your priority is improving patient safety and hospital efficiency.

Zebra solutions help ensure the best decisions are made in all areas of any healthcare facility.

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