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Mobile Asset Tracking Applications

These Mobile Asset Tracking Applications (sessions), that run on the TracerPlus platform, make it easy to speed your asset tracking routines and eliminate errors caused by paper based processes. Whether you are tracking Computers, Vehicles, Furniture, Tools or Medical Equipment these pre-built mobile apps make it easy to get started. All solutions incorporate barcode enabled data lookups and validation.

Ask us about one of the mobile applications listed below and get started tracking important inventory and assets today!

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  • Asset Check out screen

    Asset Check Out

    Keep track of of your assets and hold people accountable when assets are not returned.

    This application allows you to keep track of where your assets are and who hasn’t returned them. Optimized for Android tablets and smartphones, this app enables you to add new assets, Check-Out assets to a person and location and Check-In those same assets when returned. You can also capture signature verification upon Check-Out and Check-In of an Asset.

  • Tool and Equipment Tracking

    Tracking application for managing various types of equipment or tools.

    Equipment Tracking application for managing various types of equipment and tools. Can also be used for tool room management. Project consists of 3 sessions: Check Out, Check In and Equipment List. Simply pre-load your existing equipment items to the equipment list session and start managing the check out and check in of your equipment and tools. Captures name, comments, date and signatures.

  • Asset Location Audit

    Select a location and verify expected assets exist in this location.

    Sample asset audit application allowing you to input a location showing the expected assets in this location. As you scan assets they will be removed from the list verifying they are in the correct location. When finished scanning in the location you should no longer see any assets in the embedded data grid.

  • it asset tracking screen

    IT Asset Management

    Tracking application for managing your company’s IT asset equipment.

    IT Asset Management application for tracking IT related equipment such as PCs, Monitors, Network Equipment, PC components and much more. Consists of 2 sessions: Scan Assets and Asset List. Pre-load your existing data to the Asset List and Start Scanning Assets today, if an asset is not found you can simply add it while out in the field.

  • file scanning application screen

    File and Folder Scanning

    Scan Files and folders and mark their respective locations.

    File tracking application which allows you to enter or scan a location, scan a box or drawer and then scan the files that belong in that box/drawer while appending a date/time stamp to each scan.

  • bassic asset tracking software screen app

    Basic Asset Tracking

    Asset tracking application including asset list, asset auditing and new assets.

    Basic asset tracking application for tracking company asset data. Includes forms for entering new assets, performing an asset audit, as well as an asset list session.

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