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TechDispatch software for field service workersMobile & Dispatch Productivity Software

Managing Field Service Processes & Personnel – Get a 360 Degree view of your processes & personnel in real time.

field worker rugged mobile deviceTechDispatch™ is a full-featured flexible, customizable web and mobile framework designed to manage field service processes and personnel. An enterprise-class\application, TechDispatch™ offers a clean, colorful, and intuitive User Interface (UI) along with a wealth of features. Features include work order assignment and management, field service personnel task management, asset/inventory management, route optimization, time tracking and more.

Generate Revenue Faster: When a field worker can print and email invoices for service in the field, your cash flow gets turbocharged. No more shuffling around paperwork in the field or back at the office. Transactions happen in real time, from estimate to sign-off, putting money in your pocket faster.

Automation Means Accuracy: Customers want to know when you’ll be there, what you did, how much they’ll be charged and when you’ll be back. Field service automation ensures that both you and your customers are on the same page. From quote to job to payment, no one is in the dark. Your field worker has access to all customer relationship data, including their service history and equipment. The back office can see when a field worker arrived and when they left, so no more misunderstandings.

TC55 industrial mobile device field workersBetter Customer Service: When a field worker or technician has access to a customer’s complete work history and preferences and can make valuable service recommendations, everybody wins. Customers get personal service and field workers are seen as proactive, valuable partners.

Interactive Scheduling: When back-office dispatchers have access to every field worker’s schedule and can easily adjust and assign time slots, you can react quickly to changing schedules. No more phone calls or checking whiteboards. Every new job or updated job can be assigned quickly on the fly. That means fitting more jobs into each day and meeting customer field service needs.

Better Data Leads to Better Service: Mobile solutions provide field service organizations with improved workforce productivity, faster service resolution, reduced service-related costs, fewer errors & duplication of effort, and improved cash flows.

Report and Integrate Invoicing: Accelerate cash flow by seamlessly integrating with an existing accounting system. Every invoice created in the field is saved in the web application and can be edited, exported, and emailed directly to your customers.

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    TechDispatch™ Software

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    TechDispatch™ is a mobile field service solution that simplifies work order management and technician dispatch. The web-based dispatch application and the field technican mobile application automatically synchronize data. Both have modern, intuitive user interfaces that reduce work load, cycle times, and error rates. Translation – more efficient business operations and higher customer satisfaction.

    TechDispatch™ has two components:

    • Web-based Dispatch system used by Administrators & Dispatchers
    • Mobile application used by Technicians/Drivers

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TechDispatch™ Application Feature-Set Tiers:

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