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Inventory Tracking Software

If you manage a small to mid-sized business, you will appreciate the efficiencies of inventory tracking software. The RMS Omega specialists are ready to work with you to review your particular operations and determine your need. In most businesses, there are three kinds of inventory to manage:

  • Physical inventory that must be counted, moved around, often shipped, sold or consumed
  • Fixed assets including furniture, computers, electronic devices and other office equipment
  • Shared items such as files, tools and equipment used by shift workers, or items people are borrowing

A typical tracking solution uses barcode technology with mobile scanners and computers. The barcodes are configured to accommodate all the information you require. For example, you might want to capture detailed descriptions of the items and indicate their location and expiry date. You might also want the system to have the capacity to produce reports that help you manage the volume of inventory and monitor its movement.

The RMS Omega team is confident it can help you regain absolute control of your inventory. The primary benefits are increased production, more efficient workflow, reduced frustration from searching for items and increased employee accountability.

Read on and check out several of our partners inventory tracking software applications.

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