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Eliminate hard copy forms and spreadsheets. Know what’s in stock and when to order more. Monitor item consumption, avoid waste and take control of your stockroom with RedBeam Inventory Tracking software.

Redbeam’s Inventory Management Software helps you streamline your inventory tracking and physical inventory process. Efficiently keep track of inventory items by serial number, lot number or expiration date using barcode technology.

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RedBeam offers a variety of license options. Contact us, we can help you choose the one that best meets your needs.

Redbeam Inventory Tracking

Whether you track products, parts or supplies, here are just a few if the benefits you can expect from using RedBeam to improve your inventory control process:

  • Cost savings
  • Added Efficiency
  • Better Organization
  • More Accurate Data
  • Improved Security
  • Trend Visibility
  • Item and Location Tagging

    Use existing manufacturer SKUs, print your own barcode labels, or don’t use them at all. In addition to item labels, RedBeam Inventory Tracking prints location labels which can be applied to shelf or bin locations as needed. This makes the repetitive process of receiving and issuing items from inventory quick and easy. The inventory system software also provides the ability to print a barcode product catalog.

  • Track Inventory Movements

    Day to day inventory control processes rely heavily on transactions which are conducted by people, so you need to make these process as easy and as accurate as possible. RedBeam inventory control software does this by leveraging user its user friendly inventory system software with barcode scanning designed to radically improve your inventory management process. Receive, move, and issue items or physical inventories and cycle counts with ease.

  • Inventory Reports

    Want to be able to check availability from your desktop? RedBeam Inventory Tracking provides increased visibility to available inventory, as well useful searching and reordering capabilities. With this insight, employees save time and materials managers improve availability by minimizing out-of-stock and overstock situations. You can also check inventory levels away from your PC using supported mobile devices.

Supported Mobile Computers

RMS Omega is an authorized hardware partner.

RedBeam Inventory Tracking uses barcode technology to automate the tracking of parts and supplies. The application is designed and certified to work seamlessly with enterprise class mobile devices designed for scan intensive applications so you’ll never have to write or type another SKU again.

RedBeam software applications work with any USB cabled barcode scanner.

RedBeam software applications are designed to work with leading mobile computing devices from Motorola, Datalogic, Honeywell, and more. Contact us for a quote!

RedBeam software applications are designed to work with the following enterprise class RFID Reader computers:

  • Motorola MC9090 RFID
  • Motorola MC3090Z
  • Motorola MC3190Z RFID Series
  • Unitech RH767 II Series

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