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5 Facts About RFID In Manufacturing

RFID technology is taking off throughout the value chain. In just the past few years RFID has been mandated across retail supply chains by major big box stores. Why? To fulfill the multi-channel demands of today’s consumers. Retailers and manufacturers alike are using RFID to not only improve customer experiences but to make their own operations more efficient. By using RFID in manufacturing, producers enhance visibility over work-in-process as well as their entire supplier and distribution network.

Although implementing RFID in manufacturing has many proven advantages, it also starts with many questions. How much do RFID tags cost? How fast is the ROI? How and where exactly do RFID tags get added into a supply chain?  This document will supply those answers. It’s important to understand that RFID is not some magical tool. If implemented correctly, RFID can become a powerful asset to your supply chain operations. Improving accuracy and lowering the cost of operations are just the start when it comes to RFID technology.

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