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Eliminate 7 Common Wastes in Your Supply Chain

Addressing Waste in the Real World

Supply Chain ManagementIn difficult economic times, lean thinking strikes a chord for manufacturers as it promises to reduce costs, improve quality and transform the bottom line, by eliminating waste in every area of the supply chain, including factory management and supplier networks. Its goal is to eliminate non-value-added processing from the customers’ perspective, enabling less inventory, less space, less resource, less time, and less cost to produce more – and all highly responsive to customer demand.

This white paper examines the impact of leveraging proven lean principles supported by Real-time Asset Management Solutions from Zebra Technologies. We will identify the seven wastes of manufacturing and how Real-time Asset Management Solutions can eradicate these wastes. You will also learn firsthand how customers eliminated waste and benefited from these solutions.

Download the White Paper to Learn More about Waste in Your Supply Chain


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